The decision to carry out a new mapping in Latin America that shows updated information on solidarity economy organisations present – what they do, what their limitations and difficulties are – and how they are or are not developing actions to influence public policies, is justified when this information strengthens the conviction of the active role that corresponds to the organisations themselves as actors in the construction of the necessary changes to achieve a just and dignified society for all, based on the principles of Good Living.

It is clear that social, economic and gender policies should not only be analysed as good practices, but should also be problematised and reviewed, as should all policies that promote rights and contribute to equality. The selected experiences, even though they show particular cases, are visible examples of a reality that is repeated in many countries and territories.

It is essential to take action to disseminate the information that is collected in projects and that can generate policy changes in the technical, political, social and cultural spheres. The goal is to elaborate new necessary categories and common lines of action that make it possible to respond to the challenges of transforming situations of injustice and growing in dignity and Good Living.

These experiences and good practices are framed within the ACCD project “Advocacy for the promotion of SSE as a strategy to achieve sustainable development (SDGs) in a post-Covid-19 context“. This project is financed and supported by the Catalan Agency for Cooperation.

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