Plan Estratégico RIPESS

Ripess Strategic Plan

RIPESS intercontinental network is moving forward.

We have adopted a new, more robust form of international coordination and strategic plan for 2021-2023. This plan takes into account both the context, as well as updated priorities, needs and visions of the different SSE continental and sectorial member networks.

The Strategic Plan represents the symbolic beginning of a new chapter. We believe that we will be able to address the challenges facing our societies today, and we will continue to build sustainable and just solutions for a better tomorrow. Like we have been doing for the past 25 years.

Coordination and Secretariat—


Shigeru Tanaka

Judith Hitchman

Marcus Hill

Intercontinental Secretariat :

Executive Secretary: Aicha Belassir

Advocacy officer and project manager: Sandra Moreno

Communication officer:  Andrea Echeverría

Members of the Board of Directors

The 6 continental members of RIPESS designate two representatives each (with the exception of Oceania with 1 representant and Asia with 3 representants according to the subregions) to the RIPESS Board of Directors, taking gender balance into consideration. Since 2020 its model of coordination is based on a participatory and multi-continental coordination of three elected Members. They are jointly responsible for the implementation of the action plan, together with the Secretariat support. There are also two seats on the Board that are reserved for international sectorial organisations (present on at least 3 continents).


Elyse Pierrette Memong (Réseau Camerounais de l’ESS – RESCAM) Camerún

Madani Koumare (Réseau National d’Appui à l’ESS – RENAPESS) Mali

RIPESS Latin America and Caribbean – RIPESS LAC

Karin Berlien (RET) Chile

Salomon Sotelo (CinCoop) Colombia


Sudeste Asiático

Kumar Loganathan (Sarvodaya Action Research Centre), India

Eri Trinurini Adhi (Bina Swadaya Foundation), Indonesia

Asia del Este

Shigeru Tanaka (PARC) Japón


Drazen Simlesa (Green Network of Activist Group) Croatia

Ruby Vdwekken (Our Land Cooperative Tuusula) Finland

RIPESS Oceania

International organisations