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Who we are

The African Network for Social and Solidarity Economy (ANSSE) is a non-profitmaking association. It was created in 2010 at the initiative of 25 civil society organisations from various African countries. It brings together 22 country networks that are active in the field of sustainable and inclusive development.

Member countries
Member organizatrions
Created in

RAESS Ripess

1) Algérie, 2) Maroc, 3) Tunisie, 4) Egypte, 5) Côte d’Ivoire, 6)  Bénin, 7) Burkina Faso, 8) Cameroun, 10) Togo, 11) Sénégal, 12) Mali, 13) Niger, 14) Guinée Conakry, 15) Guinée Equatoriale, 16) Iles Maurice, 17) Ethiopie, 18) République démocratique du Congo, 19) Cap-Vert

  • Omega Farms in Ethiopia
  • Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Congo (UNTC)
  • Réseau Ivoirien de l’économie Sociale et Solidaire (RIESS)
  • Réseau National de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire du Cameroun (RESSCAM)
  • Réseau Togolais de l’Economie Sociale et solidaire (RTESS)
  • Réseau National pour la Promotion de l’ESS (RENAPESS-BF)
  • Conférence Panafricaine Coopérative (CPC)
  • Groupe Béninois de l’ESS (GBESS)
  • Réseau d’Associations de l’Économie Sociale (RADES)
  • Institut Panafricain pour le développement (IPD)
  • Union Nationale des Mutuelles (UNAM)
  • Union Générale des Coopératives d’Égypte
  • Réseau Guinéen de l’économie Sociale et Solidaire (REGESS)
  • Fédération Nationale des Organisations de Producteurs de Guinée Equatoriale (FENOCGE)
  • Mutuelle Familiale d’Algérie
  • Réseau national d’appui à la promotion de l’économie sociale et solidaire du Mali (RENAPESS)
  • Organisation Nigérienne pour la Promotion de l’Hydraulique et du Développement à la Base (ONPHDB)
  • Groupement Sénégalais de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire (GSESS)
  • Réseau D’Economie Sociale et Solidaire d’Ile Maurice (RESSIM)
  • Réseau Marocain de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire (REMESS)

News from Africa and Middle East—

Ecosol workshop: SSE, an alternative development model for access to decent work and social protection.

Social protection is the coverage of a range of human rights such as health, education, care, housing or the possibility to prosper. According to the ILO, it is a right of all human beings that guarantees health care and a minimum income for all. It also provides the means of subsistence in the event of illness, unemployment, injury, pregnancy or [...]

Podcast (French)_ Youth Caravan at #GSEF23: supporting Africa’s future in solidarity.

Pictures and text by Mahamadou TRAORÉ with contributions from Ismail KELLY ISKO. Big thanks to Abdoulaye Coulibaly and Oury DIAGNE for your voices and passion. The JeunESSe Caravan is a set of activities validated and approved by the GSEF and organised by RAESS, the African network of Ripess. It is a project that has allowed young people to have an [...]

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Podcast (in spanish)_ Interview with Ernestina in Dakar: Afro-Peruvian leader and care worker.

She understands the language of humanity, of the heart, and with smiles, Spanish and speaking with her hands, she got anywhere, even in a small village on the outskirts of Dakar, in Senegal. That is where we met Ernestina. She is attentive, observant, petite, athletic woman. She is calm and confident, she listens before she speaks, with her ears, but [...]

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