Here are some resources related to social and solidarity economy in order to share with you some of the major challenges and orientations on a global scale. Subjective by nature, this selection does not pretend to be exhaustive. It will evolve with its time.

To learn more about specific knowledge, we invite you to browse the resources on the thematic and continental pages.

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Thematics: Global Vision on SSE, Mapping & panoramaThe legal and institutional recognition of SSEEducation to SSEWomen & SSESDGs Agenda 2030Food sovereigntySocial and solidarity finances


In addition, we provide you with a selection of reference websites on SSE.

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First of all, let’s have an overview of the questionGlobal Vision for a Social Solidarity Economy: Convergences and Differences in Concepts, Definitions and Framework, RIPESS, February 2015

Going through SSE laws, the case of EuropePublic policy in the social and solidarity economy: Towards a favourable environment. The case of Europe, Giulia Galera, 2015

What are the existing laws on SSE?: Legal and political recognition of social solidarity economy (SEE). An overview on SSE public policies and guidelines, Yvon Porier, 2016

Gender equality at the heart of the ESS:  A Non-Patriarchal Economy is Possible: Looking at Solidarity Economy from Diferent Cultural Facets – Asia – Latin America – North America – Europe, Benjamin R. Quinones Jr.,  Alfonso Cotera Fretel, Yvon Poirier and Emily Kawano, Pierre Johnson and Tara Delille, 2009

The (SDGs) can be achieved if the SSE principles are applied: See the RIPESS document of recommendations and the position papers published by the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy: Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of sustainable development, 2014

Changing the format.. look at this video: Daniel Tygel at 2nd UN meeting of the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, July 2014

What is solidarity economy, and how does it fit together with food sovereignty?: The Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Social and Solidarity-based Economy, Judith Hitchman, 2012

Website references on SSE: is the partner site of RIPESS for the collection of documents and videos on the SSE. As a result of our close collaboration for many years, Socioeco has actively participated in the organization of the themes of the RIPESS website and the selection of resources concerning the thematic pages as well as the continental pages. You will also find a Socioeco Box on these pages in order to extend the information directly on the website.

Indeed, the social and solidarity economy must be able to show the richness of the theoretical contributions and the multiple practices of the SSE. This is the work of, the documentary resource site on SSE in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and some documents in Catalan on the Spanish pages or in German on the English pages) which collects and organizes ESS related information throughout the world. You will find analytical documents, descriptions of experiences, newspaper articles, videos, ESS training, examples of public policies, maps. A real online library centered on ESS.

Let us take advantage of this space to congratulate them on this work and to celebrate together this fruitful collaboration!

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