Who we are


RIPESS Oceania is an informal network of people and organisations involved in the social economy and ‘new economy’ in Australia, New Zealand and other countries in the region.

One of RIPESS Oceania’s umbrella network members is the New Economy Network Australia (NENA), a network of individuals and organisations working to transform Australia’s economic system so that achieving ecological health and social justice are the foundational principles and primary objectives of the economic system.

NENA works to facilitate connections, showcase and promote innovative projects, build peer-to-peer learning and use collective strategies to create and advocate for change, so that we can build a strong movement of people demanding, creating and benefiting from a ‘new’ economy.

RIPESS Oceania is represented on the RIPESS Intercontinental Board by David Thompson of Jobs Australia – an Australian national umbrella body for almost 200 not for profit providers of employment and related services for disadvantaged unemployed people, many of which operate social enterprises to provide employment for very disadvantaged unemployed people.



New Economy Network Australia (NENA)

Country: Australia

Website: https://www.neweconomy.org.au

Jobs Australia

Country: Australia

Website: https://www.ja.com.au

The Common Wealth Network for People-Centred Development (COMMACT)

Countries: Australia, India, Nepal, the UK and Malaysia.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Australia and New Zealand

Countries: Australia and New Zealand

Website: http://www.csanetworkausnz.org


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