Who we are

RIPESS EU – Solidarity Economy Europe is a Network of networks and initiatives for the promotion of Solidarity Economy in Europe. It includes 43 sectorial, national and inter-sectorial networks in 22 countries. RIPESS brings thousands of concrete experiences that identify as solidarity economy together in Europe: self-managed productive cooperatives, solidarity markets, responsible consumption and food sovereignty, time banks, proximity services, environmental and ecological initiatives, financial alternatives (local currencies, ethical finance), structures for the promotion gender equity, innovative educational experiences, fair trade enterprises, local development associations and more.


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Our history

RIPESS Europe was born thanks to the synergy produced by RIPESS International through the meetings for the globalisation of solidarity. The 4th International Forum for the “Globalisation of Solidarity” Lux’09 which took place in Schifflange in April 2009 allowed to launch a dynamic and build trust and acquaintanceship between the networks of Social  and Solidarity Economy at continental and international level.

And it is in 2011 in Barcelona, the rose of fire, like it was called in the labour movement at the dawn of 20th century, that RIPESS Europe – Economy Solidarity Europe was born, with the cooperation of the network representatives of Belgium, Catalonia, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Germany.

 What we believe in

We are committed to systemic change from the current socio-economic models and shift to one of greater democracy and solidarity.

We are determined to bring together the forces of change represented by the constellation of alter-economic movements. In spite of their very active work at local or sectorial level, their energies and strengths are currently diluted as they are still scattered.

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RIPESS uses the term social solidarity economy to include social economy and the more radical vision of solidarity economy.

For RIPESS Europe, solidarity economy represents:

  • An alternative to capitalism
  • An economy that values work, recognises the importance of non-monetary exchange and focuses on both people and planet
  • An economy that respects nature, the Commons, food sovereignty and agroecology
  • An emancipated economy that is based on the principles of self-management, collective property and other forms of democracy in the workplace
  • An economy that is committed to gender equity
  • A territorial economy, anchored in local communities and based on local development
  • Diversity of approaches and practice in all economic sectors
  • A global social movement working for the transition towards economic and ecological justice and solidarity.

Areas of work

Federate actors and organisations in solidarity economy to proote new ways of production, consumption, finance and exchange

  • Make networks, actors and solidarity economy experiences visible, both internally and externally
  • Develop the scope of the network by bringing together all European regions

Develop joint advocacy to promote solidarity economy in Europe and throughout the world

  • Build a shared vision and promote it to European Institutions

Encourage co-operation between members

  • Share experience and good practice
  • Develop and promote economic cooperation between networks and solidarity economy actors
  • Build joint projects and develop collective intelligence
  • Ensure convergence with social movement actors that contribute to building a democratic, equitable and environmentally just society that preserves the planet.

actively Contribute to the social movement for “another world is possible”

Some Actions

European Congresses on Social Solidarity Economy

RIPESS EU organizes every two year, the Solidarity Economy Congress with the local network members. (Barcelona 2011, Lille 2013, Berlin 2015)

UNIVERSSE 2017 – 4th European Social Solidarity Economy congress in Athens (9-11 June), brought More than 1000 people during 3 days of intense debate and experience sharing.  Participants from all over Europe and beyond had the opportunity to meet and network together and make plans to collaborate on several common issues.

One of the most important results of this event has been the agreement for the creation of the Pan-Hellenic Solidarity Economy network.  Another result was the self-management and independent financing of the Congress and the success of the crowdfunding campaign, which provided the possibility to fund the participation of people representing many different solidarity economy initiatives from various countries.

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The project entitled “SSE.e: affirming a new paradigm through IVET Curricula innovation”, led by ADPES (member of RedPES, Portugal) finally was funded and started in September 2016 and is expected to end in mid 2018.

The key message of the project is “Social and solidarity economy is increasingly emerging as a vibrant and promising model in Europe and in many parts of the world. Lifelong learning can be a tool for social change because it has great potential for transforming younger generations into citizens and professionals better able to cope with today’s social changes. The partners aim to collect the available information (based on a questionnaire designed by RIPESS Europe)”.

Then, experimental training modules will be tested with the young people in a system of exchanges between the partner structures and an evaluation will be conducted, the results of which will be presented during a transnational seminar.

Presentation of the project:

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European Forum for Social and Solidarity Economy

From the outset, RIPESS Europe participated in the construction of the first European Forum for Social and Solidarity Economy (EFSSE 2016 –, organized by the parlamentary group of the GUE in the European Parliament. For the first time, the SSE had the possibility to debate in the EP, an initial meeting which initiated collaboration, including with other networks, and continues in 2017 with a new forum scheduled for end 2017. We also participated to the Social Economy Intergroup of the European Parliament, to show the presence of solidarity economy, but until today without a concrete return

EFSSE 2016 –

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Nesi Forum

A link has been established with the organizers of the NESI FORUM (New Economy Social Innovation – RIPESS Europe decided to participate as a co-promoter and bring the vision and practices of the SSE, with several speakers and participants. In 2016 the process of preparation was followed, starting from a meeting in London. The Forum took place in May 2017 in Malaga, with over 600 people participating from several “alter-economic” movements.

New Economy Social Innovation –

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Work of Advisory Board

Beyond the speeches at various events and institutions, RIPESS Europe has worked on two documents, involving several members of the network and the Advisory Board:


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AAE – An Ait Eile Cooperative

Country: Ireland
ActivityAssociation with the aim of fostering and facilitating the West of Ireland’s creative community


Adepes – Agence au Service de l’Economie Solidaire en Midi-Pyrénées

Activity: Regional network for the promotion of Solidarity Economy


ANIMAR – Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimiento Local

Activity: Local Development Projects(rural – urban).Policy evaluation, capacity building


APEAS – Agence Provençale pour une Economie Alternative et Solidaire

Activity: Development of Alternative and Solidarity Economy



Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Activity: Spreading Ideas and Innovation across boarders


TECHNET BERLIN – Technologie Netzwerk Berlin

Country: Germany (DE)
Activity: Network for research and polivalent activities for SSE


TPABA – Trava Education

Country: Russia (RU)
Activity: Discussions, workshops, informal conferences, excursions on politics and culture in St Petersburg

TRENTINO ARCOBALENO – Economia solidale trentina

Country: Italy (IT)
Activity: Solidarity Economy network in Trentino

UFISC – Union Fédérale d’Intervention des Structures Culturelles

Country: France (Fr)
Activity: artistic and cultural network promoting social solidarity economy


URGENCI – Réseau Urbain-Rural: Générer des Échanges Nouveaux entre CItoyens

Country: France (Fr)
Activity: food sovereignty, alternative and solidarity-based consumers-producers networks.


XES – Xarxa d’Economia Solidaria

Country: Spain (ES)
Activity: Promotion and Development of Solidarity Economy


APES – Agence Provençale pour une Economie Alternative et Solidaire

Country: France (FR)
Activity: capacity building, knowledge/action support, advocacy for Solidarity Economy.


APRES – GE Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire

Country: Switzerland (CH)
Activity: Regional Development



Country: Belgium (BE)
Activity: Local Development



Country: Finland (FE)
Activity: Building a commons and solidarity economy network


CNLRQ – Comité National de Liaison des Régies de Quartier

Country: France (FR)
Activity: Local Development


CRESAÇOR – Cooperativa Regional de Econimia Soidária CRL

Country: Portugal (PT)
Activity: Local Development


CRIES – Resource Centre for Ethical and Solidarity Initiatives

Country: Romania (RO)
Activity: Promotion of Solidarity Economy


ECOSOL – socioeco

Country: Europe (based in France)
Activity: Online documentation and resources center on SSE



Country: France
Activity: Network of 100%renewable energy cooperatives


ENSIE – European Network of Social Integration Enterprises

Country: Europe (based in Belgium)
Activity: Promotion of social integration enterprises


FAIR & BIO COOP – Fair & Bio, družstvo

Country: Czech Republic (CZ)
Activity: Fair-trade supporting Social and Sustainable Economy


FAIRTRADE POLAND – Fairtrade Polska

Country: Poland (PL)
Activity: Fair-trade supporting Social and Sustainable Economy



Country: Germany (D)
Activity: Promotion and Development of Solidarity Economy


GOOD EARTH – Dobrazemja

Country: Macedonia (MK)
Activity: Consummer cooperative – Food sovereignty



Country: Croatia (HR)
Activity: Promotion of alternative economic system


KIFESZ – KistérségiFejlesztőSzervezetek OrszágosSzövetsége

Country: Hungary (HU)
Activity: Regional Development


KSOE – Katholische Sozialakademie Österreichse

Country: Austria (AU)
Activity: Academy of Education and Counselling


INAISE – International Association of Investors in the Social Economy

Country: Europe (based in Belgium)
Activity: Global network of socially and environmentally oriented financial institutions


INEES – Institut Européen pour l’Economie Solidaire

Country: Luxembourg (LU)
Activity: Promotion of Solidarity Economy


Institute for Solidarity Economics

CountryUnited Kingdom (UK)
Activity: Provide infrastructure and financial support for research and populist education.


MES – Mouvement de l’Economie Solidaire

Country: France
Activity: Research and Studies on Social and Solidarity Economy


NETZ – NETZ für Selbstverwaltung und Selbstorganisation e.V

Country: Germany (DE)
Activity: Promotion and Support of Selforganisation and Solidarity Economy


P’ACTES  Européens

Country: Europe (based in France)
Activity: Learning by doing in Social Solidarity Economy


REAS – Red de Redes de Economia Alternativa y Solidaria

Country: Spain
Activity: Networking and promotion of Solidarity Economy


RES Italia – Rete di Economia Solidale (Tavolo RES)

Country: Italy (IT)
Activity: Network for the promotion of solidarity economy


RIUESS – Réseau Inter Universitaire de L’Economie Sociale et Solidaire

Country: France
Activity: Research on Social and Solidarity Economy


RTES – Réseau del collectives territoriales pour une économie solidaire

Country: France
Activity: Networking local authorities on SSE


SAW- B – Solidarité des Alternatives Wallonnes et Bruxelloises

Country: Belgium
Activity: Capacity building, publishing, training on Social Solidarity Economy



Country: Greece
Activity: Capacity building, supporting solidarity initiatives and networking for Solidarity Economy



Country: Italia
Activity: Capacity building in local development, training on Solidarity Economy


REDPES – Rede Portuguesa de Economia Solidária

Country: Portugal
Activity: Network for the promotion of solidarity economy and local development



Country: Bulgaria
Activity: Education and Social Innovation


EKUMAD-Ekumenik Academy of Prague

Country: Czech Republic
Activity: adult training and Networking in Eastern Europe


DOCK – Social Solidarity Economy Zone

Country: Greece
Activity: Networking and promotion of SSE in Greece



Country: Greece
Activity: Ethical and responsible tourism


From Ripess Europe:

General resources:

Executive Committee

  • Dražen Šimleša, general coordinator
    Good Economy Forum. Croatia.
  • Jason Nardi, general delegate
    Solidarius. Italy. 
  • Josette Combes, communications coordinator
    MES Network. France.
  • Bruno Lasnier, Treasurer
    MES National coordinator. France.
  • Eric Lavilluniere
    INEES. Luxembourg.
  • Patrica Coler
    UFISC. France.
  • Isabel Álvarez Vispo
  • Berenice Dondeyne
    ADEPES. France.
  • Luca Asperius
    Forum Solidarische Ökonomie
  • Jean Rossiaud
    APRES-GE. Switzerland.
  • Elena Tzamouranou
    DOCK Zone. Greece.
  • Olivia Mailfert
    APES HDF. France.
  • Luciane Dos Santos
    REDPES. Portugal. 
  • Laura Aufrere
    Experta. France.

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If your network or initiative is territorial, sectorial or inter-sectorial and would like to become a member of RIPESS Europe, you are welcome to join us. Your membership will strengthen the visibility of your structure at European level and will enable you to share your experience and practice with others.


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