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Who we are

RIPESS Europe – Solidarity Economy Europe, was born from the synergy produced by the meetings of the Globalisation of Solidarity organised by the intercontinental network RIPESS Intercontinental, the first of which took place in Lima in 1997. The 4th International Forum of “Globalisation of Solidarity”, Lux’09, which took place in Schifflange in April 2009, led to the launching of a dynamic by establishing trust and shared-knowledge between networks of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) at continental and intercontinental levels. During this meeting, Eric Lavillunière (INEES) and Christine Gent (WFTO) initiated the structuring of a European RIPESS platform.

In Barcelona, in 2011, RIPESS Europe was born. It included representatives of networks from Belgium, Catalonia, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Germany.

Member countries
Member organizations
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20 countries of Europe

RIPESS Europe  includes 46 sectorial, national and inter-sectorial networks.


News from Europe—

RIPESS calls for local governments to establish SSE as the development model in GSEF 2021

RIPESS and its continental SSE network members, in cooperation with the most relevant SSE organisations and International organisations,  were actively involved and fully mobilised for the  Global Social Economy Forum 2021,  which took place on site in Mexico and online from the 4th to the 8th of October. In addition to participating in the opening and other plenary activities, we collaborated and brought [...]

GA2021: Looking back on RIPESS Europe 10 years celebration and forward to the future!

Ripess Europe celebrated its 10th-anniversary last week, between the 7th and the 10th of September, on the Villarceaux Eco-site (Paris) with more than 40 participants representing many European countries (Belgium, Croatia, Italy, France, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, UK, Poland, Portugal) and even Morocco, with the participation of REMESS, the Moroccan Solidarity Economy network.  Celebrating RIPESS Europe 10th anniversary means looking back (the [...]

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RIPESS 2021-2023 strategic orientations: Strengthening SSE solutions and Advocating for a more transformative impact

SSE grassroots networks and their members across all continents are playing a key role in overcoming the Covid19 challenges and showing their resilience and capacity to innovate. The challenge we are now facing is not how to build back pre-Covid socioeconomic structures, but rather how to build an alternative model of development, driven by the needs of all peoples and [...]

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