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Who we are

The African Network for Social and Solidarity Economy (ANSSE) is a non-profitmaking association. It was created in 2010 at the initiative of 25 civil society organisations from various African countries. It brings together 22 country networks that are active in the field of sustainable and inclusive development.

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Our history

 What we believe in

The key role of the ANSSE and its members is to promote inclusion and establish economic democracy in order to share the fruit of African growth in an equitable manner, especially through greater visibility in international meetings.


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Areas of work

Relationships, visibility and institutional recognition

  • Support national members in their advocacy and lobby to ensure the Network for Social Solidarity Economy is represented in the Economic and Social Council of the country in question.
  • Consolidate the presence of ANSSE at national, regional and international level through participation in meetings, global summits and thematic fórums on questions linked to sustainable development, globalisation and its socio-economic impacts.
  • Frame this approach in the context of African Unity and the strategy for South-South and South-North co-operation.

Networking, communications and capacity building

  • Encourage inter-cooperation between ANSSE members on the basis of sharing as well as the mutualisation of means.
  • Support and showcase members’ activities through capacity strengthening and expertise and by supporting members in disseminating and communicating on their activities.

global vision and ANESS governance

  • Share a joint vision of SSE in order to unify our actions


Some Actions

ANSSE meetings

Since it was created, ANSSE has organised four major meetings of the African SSE networks with the support of the Tunisian platform. These took place respectively in Kenitra in Morocco, Hammamet in Tunisia, Marrakesh in Morocco and Bamako in Mali. These meetings enabled the promotion of a Pan-African vision of SSE based on broad consultation. It also marked the beginning of innovative work on development.

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Participation in international events

The African SSE networks that are members of ANSSE have regularly participated in many different international SSE events such as the Global Forum on SSE in Montreal in October 2011, the World Social Forum in Tunisia in the World Social Forum in Mrch 2013, in Chamonix in France, in the 5th Intercontinental meeting of RIPESS in Manila in October 2013, and the 2nd World Forum on Human Rights in Marrakesh in November 2014.

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ANSSE is made up of African networks of Social Solidarity Economy of various African countries that are legally constituted in their respective countries. Membership is determined by the Board of Directors of ANSSE.

RENAPESS – Réseau national d’appui à la promotion de l’économie sociale et solidaire

Country: Mali

REMESS – Réseau Marocain de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire

Country: Marocco


PLATESS – Plateforme Tunisienne de l’ESS

Country: Tunisia

UNTC – Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Congo

Country: Congo


IPD – Institut Panafricain pour le développement


CPC – Conférence Panafricaine Cooperative


ONPHDB – Organisation Nigerienne pour la Promotion de l’Hydraulique et de Développement à la Base

Country: Niger

RADES – Réseau d’associations de l’Économie sociale

Country: Tunisia

Omega Farm

Country: Ethiopia

RIESS – Réseau Ivorien de l’économie Sociale et Solidaire

Country: Ivory Coast


RESSCAM – Réseau National de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire du Cameroun

Country: Cameroon

RTESS – Réseau Togolais de l’Economie Sociale et solidaire

Country: Togo

GBESS – Groupe Béninois de l’ESS

Country: Benin

Union Nationale des Mutuelles (UNAM)

Union Générale des Coopératives d’Égypte

Country: Egypt

REGESS – Réseau Guinéen de l’économie Sociale et Solidaire

Country: Guinea

FENOCGE – Fédération Nationale des Organisations de Producteurs de Guinée Equatoriale

Country: Equatorial Guinea 

Mutuelle Familiale d’Algérie

Country: Algeria

GSESS – Groupement Sénégalais de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire

Country: Senegal

RESSIM – Réseau D’Economie Sociale et Solidaire d’Ile Maurice

Country: Mauritius Island

ROPESS – Réseau des organisations praticiennes de l’ESS


The Executive Committee

From left to right:

  • President : Madani KOUMARE – RENAPESS MALI
  • Vice-President : Abdellah SOUHIR – REMESS MAROC
  • Secretary general : Elise Pierrette MEMONG – RESSCAM CAMEROUN
  • Treasurer : Aboubakari  SYLLA – RIESS CÔTE D’IVOIRE

Mrs. Elise-Pierrette Memong Meno and Mr Aboubakari Sylla are the current ANSSE representatives to the RIPESS Board


Contact us


Since 2016 the ANSSE has been based in Bamako, Malo, under the auspices of the RENAPESS Mali (Réseau National d’Appui à la Promotion de l’Économie Social et Solidaire). The president is Mr. Madani KOUMARÉ.

Mamadou Seydou DIALLOis the General Coordinator of the Permanent Secretariat of ANSSE

TEL : + 223 20 21 53 80
Email :




If your network or initiative is territorial, sectorial or inter-sectorial and wants to join ANSSE, we would be happy to welcome you as a member. By joining us you will increase the visibility of your structure at African level and will enable you to share your experience and field practice with others.

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