Strengthening the SSE Networks and converging Movements: the Orientation of the New RIPESS Coordinator

RIPESS is continuing to building alliances between alter-economic movements, and has appointing Jason Nardi of RIPESS Europe as its new coordinator.

Jason has a long-standing commitment to the emergence of the […]

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Raising the voice of SSE in Public Policies at the GSEF Policy Dialogues in Asia and Europe

Since 2013 GSEF, as a regional platform for promoting the co-construction of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) public policies, has been hosting annual Policy Dialogue meetings. In 2017, RIPESS […]

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Be part of the UNIVERSSE 2017: call for ideas for the 4th European congress in Athens

Be part of the Universse 2017

Democratising Economy, Emancipating Society, Empowering Change

The 4th European Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) Congress will take place in Athens on the 

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