RIPESS is continuing to building alliances between alter-economic movements, and has appointing Jason Nardi of RIPESS Europe as its new coordinator.

Jason has a long-standing commitment to the emergence of the Social Solidarity Economy and RIPESS. He is a co-founder of Solidarius in Italy, an organization that supports the development of networks of solidarity economy and part of the Solidarius international network (based in Brazil), he is involved in ethical finance, fair trade, and new open-source technologies that are open and adapted to the needs and dynamic of community participation. He has co-developed networks such as Social Watch in Italy, and taken part in the organization of major SSE events such as Terra Futura and social movements such as the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum.

Jason has been active in RIPESS for some time, and has been a general delegate of RIPESS Europe for almost 3 years. Jason is seeking to bring a vision of convergence within the SSE movements and with other forces of change, such as food sovereignty, the commons, ethical finance, or the feminist economy.

This strong desire to bring together the movements of systemic change is based on the observation that territorial anchoring, while essential for all these movements, requires greater cohesion and inter-sectoral cooperation at a global level. This shows that several alternatives to the capitalist market system do exist and are implemented all over the world – and helps to advocate more clearly in the political debate, to make it more participatory, inclusive and focused on the development of a post-capitalist system that is sought by millions of people. This includes the creative spirit and the friendly atmosphere that characterize an economy for both people and the planet.

It is with this vision in mind that Jason suggested holding a large gathering in Barcelona, ​​which is now currently being prepared for 2019-2020 by the XES, the SSE Catalan network, RIPESS Europe and RIPESS. With respect to the other current strategic lines of RIPESS, you are invited to read the article: RIPESS and the Foundation Pour L’Homme (FPH) unite for a New Period of Three Years.

This is a new step that is about to start in order to develop intercooperation and our network around the world. Here is a short video where Jason explains what SSE is and his speech at the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance in Estonia in 2016.