ASEC Conference 2019 – Transformative economy: Revitalising Rural economy through SSE, November 11th – 14th, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Annual conference of ASEC – RIPESS Asia to discuss the role of transformative economy in the revitalisation of rural economy through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The first day will be focused on measuring contribution of grassroot initiatives to SDGs. The second day will discuss on the way forward of grassroots initiatives to transformative economy …


Side event at HLPF2019: “Addressing inequality & strengthening partnerships”, July 12th – 11am, New York

🌎 “Addressing inequality & strengthening partnerships: Lessons from Social Solidarity Economy Initiatives in Asian Countries” As part of the #‎HLPF2019 in New York, ASEC – RIPESS Asia organizes this side event!! In this two hour session we will hear grassroots stories of key developments in Asia where community based economic initiatives which is providing decent work …


Finding local solutions in localising SDGs

ASEC – RIPESS Asia was present at the International Conference on SDGs localisation held from 22 to 24 February 2019 in South Korea. At this event, Professor Denison Jayasooria presented some reflections from a malaysian case study among flat dwellers that highlights the important role of SSE in the localization of SDGs.


Strengthening Social Solidarity Economy Movements (SSEM) in Asian region

Written by Prof Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria, member of RIPESS Board and ASEC Chair  Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC) members from Philippines, Malaysian, Indonesia and Thailand met in Singapore from November 2 to 4, 2018. The occasion was also too participated in the ASEAN People Forum where ASEC hosted a workshop on “Transformative economic movements at …

Denison Jayasooria

ASEC’s involvement in ASEAN and the localization of the SDGs

It is important to recognise that ASEAN as a sub-regional block of ten countries with about 650 million has been very active in engaging with state actors as well as with the business community. The ASEAN community Vision 2025 is a major undertaking in fostering as sense of solidarity among the people of ASEAN. However …