Ripess NARIPESS-NA (Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy-N. America) initiated the process of organizing this forum. RIPESS-NA members include the following national networks: the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network (SEN), the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET) and the Chantier de l’économie Sociale in Quebec.

A member of US SEN wrote an article titled “Transformation Inside and Out” about his experience of the Forum : “The crowd of 400+ citizens of the planet convened in solidarity at The Samaritan Behavioral Center where people could gather in small workshops to discuss and find paths to eradicate racism, sexism, cultural blockades and to unite on some single purpose methods to change the world we live in. The conference was a success in that it brought a diverse group of people together to transform the Solidarity Economy movement together and move forward on the road to “ownership” of the tools and the means of production!” – read more (in English)

A specific news will be written later on by the N. American Network, and published on its website.