The National Network of support for the promotion of the social economy of Mali (RENAPESS-Mali), was proposed at the 3rd meeting of the African Network of the Social Solidarity Economy (RAESS) held in Morocco in April 2014 to host the 4th meeting of the African social economy in 2016. The event called “Bamako 2016”, took place in Mali from 26 to 30 April 2016 at the International Conference Centre of Bamako.

According to the objectives, the meeting helped not only to evaluate the course of RAESS in promoting the SSE in Africa, but also to bring together members of the network around a new five-year roadmap to strengthen the positioning of the social economy in public strategies and policies and in international cooperation as a mean to improve the lives of citizens in our countries.

To note:

  • The opening ceremony registered 420 participants
  • Thematic workshops were held
  • Organization of an exhibition & sales salon
  • Organizing of a youth camp run by 163 entrepreneurs (girls and boys) from Mali, Guinea and Senegal
  • General Extraordinary and Ordinary Assembly meetings. During which a new governance legislation was adopted and a new office RAESS was set up, for whose office president is Madani KOUMARE RENAPESS / Mali
  • The closing ceremony, registered about 500 people. One of the highlights of the ceremony was the transfer of the headquarters of RAESS from the REMESS of Morocco to RENAPESS from Mali.

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