Between 11 and 14 July 2013, in Santa Maria – Rio Grande do Sul – BRAZIL

The II World Social Forum for Solidary Economy aims to assert global Solidary Economy as a development strategy, to promote and spread solidary, sustainable, self-managed, popular and collective actions, integrating political democracy, economic, social and environmental issues focusing on gender and cultural diversity, and linking social and solidariy organizations, in the belief that other economy is already happening.

Registration is open for participation, as well as enrolment ofactivities, including cultural activities and inteventions, debates, product sales from solidary economy and family farms until 31/05. The axes of discussion are organized into themes: Responsible Consumption, Organization of the Movement for Solidary Economy and Legislation for Promotion and Support of Solidarity Economy.

The specific objectives of this great world meeting are:

  • Provide visibility and affirm concepts, principles and practices of Solidarity Economy in the world, civil society and other social movements;
  • Spread the Solidarity Economy as an expression of the “buen vivir” (living well);
  • Provide spaces for reflection and promotion of the collective construction of knowledge on theSolidary Economy: concepts, principles and practices;
  • Strength Solidary Economy organizations and networks that participate at local, national,regional and global levels.
  • Affirm Solidary Economy as radical political project that is opposed to capitalism;
  • Promote integration and coordination with other social movements;
  • Reflect the world crisis on different continents and the planet reagrding political, economic, social, environmental, cultural, religious issues, emphasizing national contexts of the countries most affected;
  • Promote a critical debate, based on the difficulties, progress and challenges faced in everyday life of who builds the Movement for Solidarity Economy;
  • Build incidence proposals against the National Estates and regional governments to go forward with the solidary economy.

Involve yourself for “buen vivir” (living well)

Visit: or the Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Economy , with access to the folder and guidelines, for more information.