The 3rd World Thematic Forum on Solidarity Economy will be held between July 12 and 15, 2018 in the Dom Ivo Lorscheiter solidarity economy centre in Santa María-RS. It will take place in the framework of the 25th International Cooperatives Fair (FEICOOP ) and the 3rd ECOSOL World Fair.

There will be four days of conferences, seminars, meetings, presentation of products, services and cultural activities, all related to social solidarity economy.

The forum aims to establish solidarity economy as a development strategy, promoting and spreading solidarity, sustainable, popular and collective practices.

The specific objectives of this global meeting are:

  • Give greater visibility to and strengthen concepts, principles and practices of solidarity economy around the world within civil society and other social movements
  • Create spaces for training and reflection through collective knowledge building
  • Strengthen solidarity economy organizations and networks that participate at local, national, regional and global levels, as well as promote alliances and linkages with other social movements
  • Demonstrate the radical nature of solidarity economy as a political project that contrasts with capitalism; reflect on the global crisis of the different continents and the planet in terms of political, economic, social, environmental, cultural and religious aspects, with emphasis on the national contexts of the most affected countries
  • Promote a critical debate based on the difficulties, progress and challenges faced in the daily lives of those building the solidarity economy movement
  • Prepare advocacy aimed at states and regional government bodies to support the progress of solidarity economy.
  • Disseminate solidarity economy as an expression of “Buen vivir”

RIPESS Lac will be participating actively in the fórum. We will soon communicate more information on our planned activities.

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