RIPESS is pleased and proud to renew its partnership with the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress (FPH) for a new period of 3 years.

The agreement between the FPH and RIPESS, the fruit of a long collaboration that has allowed RIPESS to organize four meetings on the Globalization of Solidarity since 2001, underlines the convergent vision of our organizations. It is vital to embrace alternatives to the capitalist model, to enhance the transition to sustainable societies, and to strengthen regional cooperation in the face of growing inequality, mistrust in international relations, and the increasingly rapid destruction of environmental conditions.
Despite the proliferation of publications, mobilizations and new experiences, the global response is slow to emerge and it is clear that the strengthening of cooperation both within ESS and with other alternative movements has become essential to providing a systemic answer.

Given these new challenges, RIPESS’ new strategic orientations now aim at organizing convergence-oriented meetings, to continue our advocacy efforts on the international scene, strengthen our member networks, foster inter-cooperation between members of different continents and intensify communication.

Among the main goals, RIPESS aims to (this collaboration is part of the RIPESS 2018-2020 action plan):

  • Continue the work of international advocacy by positioning both SSE and RIPESS and its members at the center of the debates, to actively participate in the localization of the SDGs and the co-construction of public policies with SSE actors. As such, RIPESS participates in the United Nations Interagency Task Force on Social Solidarity Economy and participates in and promotes its Advisory Group.
  • Strengthen alliances with other movements with the same vision. RIPESS is currently engaged in the preparation of an International Thematic Social Forum of Transformative Economies in Barcelona, ​​scheduled for 2019-2020.
  • Promote the emergence of good practices by promoting the initiatives carried by local members of RIPESS and make them visible at global level.
  • Promote gender equality among RIPESS members and SSE actors. As such, RIPESS has been organising a cycle of webinars led by the Women & SSE group.
  • Promote and develop content and training tools that disseminate the RIPESS members’ Global Vision.

We would like to thank the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for The Progress of Humankind (FPH) for its on-going trust in RIPESS, and for its commitment to many other SSE actors around the world. Its participation in the EDGE Funders Alliance also shows a promising trend in how foundations are organized to support the transition to sustainable societies.


In solidarity,