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Register to the webinar on Gender Perspective and Feminist Economics-Feb 13th

With these action-webinars, RIPESS is inviting you to participate to a virtual meetings’ cycle (2017/2018), in which we want to leave enough time to listen to experts’ testimonials on different topics of interest identified by our group, and create a real international space for exchanges. Please note that our meetings take place in the three …


Raising the voice of SSE in Public Policies at the GSEF Policy Dialogues in Asia and Europe

Since 2013 GSEF, as a regional platform for promoting the co-construction of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) public policies, has been hosting annual Policy Dialogue meetings. In 2017, RIPESS was present at both the Asian and European gatherings. The fourth GSEF Asian Policy dialogue took place in Seoul in June 30 – July 31 2017. …


Translate the first RIPESS Women&SSE webinars into action!

In the third quarter of 2017, the RIPESS working group “Women&SSE – SSE with a Gender Perspective” launched and planned a series of webinars on diferent topics of interest that had been identified by the participants from different continents, aimed at promoting a multicultural exchange on these topics. See the agenda and get information here. …