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In the framework of the 100th anniversary of ILO, we have decided to show which ILO documents related to SSE are referenced on

We can divide them in 6 main blocks. We present a few examples in the different langages of what is there and invite you to visit the ILO page on

ILO Position papers on SSE


Every year, – the 10th edition is being hold in this moment-, ILO helds a SSE academy : The Academy targets people responsible for the promotion of SSE around the world, including policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations.. For example :

A Public Policies for the SSE series

Illustrated by The Story of the ILO’s Promotion of Cooperatives Recommendation, 2002 (No.193) A review of the process of making ILO Recommendation No. 193, its implementation and its impact (see the original recommandation here), you will find 5 subsections for coops :

  1. Legislation  on coops:
  1. The role of coops
  1. Contribution of cooperatives to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (12 up to now)
  1. Pedagogical tools :
  1. Issues tackled by cooperatives : migrants, child care, informal economy, agriculture, youth employment, waste management, relations with trade unions, clean energy, finance, etc.

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