habitat-iiiThe third United Nations Conference on housing and sustainable urban development (HABITAT III) took place in Quito, Ecuador, between the 17th and 20th of October, 2016, and welcomed more than 30 000 participants. Several members of RIPESS LAC were present, and carried our collective message forward in various side events.

Solidarity economy is highly relevant in the context of mega cities, and can play a vital role in terms of social inclusion, self-governance and empowerment of civil society as well as clearly changing the dominant neoliberal economic paradigm.

Contribution now recognized by the New Urban Agenda which mentions Social and Solidarity Economy for the first time: “Art. 58 […] We also commit to address the challenges faced by local business communities, through supporting […] businesses and enterprises in the social and solidarity economy […]”.

RIPESS has been involved in different levels of the consultation process throughout the last 9 months. Among other through the UN Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy – collective text submitted to the Hlll Secretariat – and work on in-depth input to the Hlll New Urban Agenda text itself at various stages of the process, working in collaboration with the Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C). See the text about the implication of RIPESS to the consultation process.

Finally through its participation to the International Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy (ILGSSE) that adopted a declaration on “SSE as a strategic means of implementing the New Urban Agenda” .

What then remains is to disseminate the contents of the New Urban Agenda, join in the implementation process, and ensure that all cities and other human settlements fully implement the contents to our satisfaction. It will provide much relevant leverage for civil society to ensure that both solidarity economy and food sovereignty are squarely put on the agenda.

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