The project “Advocacy for the promotion of SSE as a strategy to achieve sustainable development (SDGs) in post-Covid-19 context” reinforces the actions of RIPESS in the promotion of SSE, the promotion of cooperation between continents, and advocacy on public policies from local to global. It is financed and supported by the Catalan Agency for Cooperation.


As an intercontinental network of the SSE, RIPESS wants to continue contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through the SSE, with its members at local, national and continental levels, in confluence with other global networks and organizations, and with the institutions of the United Nations. In this sense, this project intensifies the advocacy work of RIPESS and its continental members and ensures the link between global and local actions.

On the one hand, the aim is to better integrate the SSE in the programs of international actors working on development strategies, such as the United Nations and other international organizations and movements, but also to increase the role of RIPESS in the spaces where international advocacy activities take place. It seeks to promote dialogue between SSE networks and governments for the co-construction of policies and programs favorable to the SSE. In addition, the project implements more regional and local actions in Latin America and Africa, such as systematization of local experiences, mapping, training courses, etc., where it seeks to strengthen SSE networks and organizations in their advocacy capacities, especially women’s and minority associations. Regional actions are led by the continental networks of Latin America (RIPESS LAC) and Africa (RAESS).

The project responds to three specific objectives:

  • To improve the integration of SSE in the agendas of the main international actors working on development strategies (institutions, and networks), increasing the role of RIPESS in international advocacy activities, in a post-COVID-19 context.
    This is done through actions such as, among others, the production of intercontinental SSE material for advocacy purposes or the reinforcement of RIPESS participation in international forums of the United Nations and other international organizations.


  • Promote dialogue, co-construction and consultations between SSE networks and local / national / sub-regional governments in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean to develop policies and programs favorable to SSE development.
    In this sense, we are not only documenting good practices of SSE organizations and networks on their advocacy actions, but we are also formulating proposals to foster SSE development through the co-construction of public policies. In addition, we are carrying out dialogue and concertation actions between SSE organizations and public agencies to coordinate proposals and programs to promote the SSE.


  • Support the strengthening of SSE networks and their actors in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.
    This strengthening we are doing through advocacy training actions for leaders of SSE movements have been trained in advocacy approaches and strategies to foster an enabling environment for SSE, and the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, we are formulating concrete proposals for SSE networks, including in particular women’s and youth organizations, native communities and local producers’ associations for the co-construction of specific programs and public policies.


Here you can learn about RIPESS LAC “Advocacy for public policies on the social solidarity economy”