The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) meeting of July 25 granted to RIPESS the status of special accreditation. This status grants privileges to participate in international meetings of UN organisations as a Civil Society Organisation (CSO).

Up to now, to attend meetings at the UN or meetings such the Addis Financing for Development conference in July 2015, we had to apply for each meeting in order to get an accreditation. For other meetings that have no special accreditation, having this formal accreditation is the only way to participate.

ecosocThe process for the accreditation was undertaken many years ago. However, until two years ago we did not meet all criteria such as two consecutive years of financial statements. This was also possible because RIPESS has a legal existence as a non-profit organisation in the province of Quebec in Canada.

This accreditation also stipulates duties. One of them is to make a report every  4 years of all the international activities linked to the UN system.

The ECOSOC accreditation is the second one obtained from UN institutions. The other is the UNCTAD accreditation which RIPESS received in 2014.