During the recent RIPESS Intercontinental Board Meeting held in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), RIPESS Board discussed on the current governance to prepare the network for the enlargement of its international network membership or new sectoral partnerships.

During that discussion, the Board approved the integration of the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) as the new organization representing the Oceania region. But what are NENA and what they do in the area of Social Solidarity Economy (SSE)? In this article, we introduce you our new member.

The New Economy Network Australia (NENA) is a network of individuals and organisations working to transform Australia’s economic system so that achieving ecological health and social justice are the foundational principles and primary objectives of the economic system.

NENA works to facilitate connections, showcase and promote innovative projects, build peer-to-peer learning and use collective strategies to create and advocate for change, so that they can build a strong movement of people demanding, creating and benefiting from a ‘new’ economy.

There are three dimensions to NENA’s work: they are building networks, connections and shared initiatives:

  • within specific geographic areas such as towns/cities, regions and states;
  • across different sectors within the new economy, including: sustainable food, energy, transport, housing, indigenous economics, ecological economics and many more; and
  • that prioritise specific strategic goals every year

NENA members are working to create geographic hubs in various towns, cities and regions of Australia, and sectoral hubs across priority areas such as: Education, Environment, Food, Energy, Housing, Transport, International and other areas.

For further information about NENA please visit their: