ripess-board-1Each year, the RIPESS Board of Directors has one in-person meeting. The other meetings are held on Internet.

After hearing reports from the continental networks and from the different working groups (education, visibility and recognition, networking & communications & mapping, and women and SSE), the Board adopted an action plan for the next year.

As far as  membership is concerned, GSEF’s membership to RIPESS was approved (and vice versa), Urgenci, as a Community Supported Agriculture Network, was confirmed as an international organisation member to the Board, (see the article linked) ; and the Board also approved to sign a partnership agreement with FMDV (Gobal Fund For Cities Development).

ripess-board-2_l3Finally the Board also discussed the different options for the 6th Globalisation of Solidarity Economy event that should take place in 2017 in a South American country. We are expecting to announce the dates and the country by the end of this year.

finally Raúl Luna Rodríguez was named RIPESS Coordinator and Yvon Poirier Vice- Coordinator.


The Board of Directors for the next year is the following:


Tetay Plantilla – Philippines

Shigeru Tanaka – Japan


Aboubakari Sylla – Côte d’Ivoire

Élise Pierette Memong Meno – Cameroon


Josette Combes – France

Jason Nardi – Italy

North America

Emily Kawano – United States

Yvon Poirier- Canada

Latin America

Ana Leighton – Chile

Raul Luna Rodriguez – Peru


David Thompson -Australia

International networks

Judith Hitchman – Urgenci


Raul Luna Rodriguez was appointing Coordinator and Yvon Poirier was appointed Vice-coordinator