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RIPESS Asia/Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC)
SSE Course “Revitalizing Community Partnership for Sustainable Development”
March 14-­18, 2016.
Manila, Philippines

The SSE Course organised by RIPESS Asia/ASEC provides an opportunity for civil society networks in ASEAN to collaborate with each other in developing solidarity-based community enterprises towards a people-centered ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

The SSE Course will be conducted in English. An important feature of the Course is a discourse on a set of SSE values and principles that accord well with, and promote, the provisions of the universal declaration of human rights, and which have been put together by RIPESS Asia/ASEC to construct an SSE Charter.

Participants of the SSE Course will go on a two-day field study visit to verify reality and ascertain the gaps vis-a-vis the SSE values and principles. Reflections on the hands-on field experience will inform the post-Course actions that participants may consider to undertake in their respective countries.

For more information: read the concept note of the course.

An animated presentation is also available here.