GSEF_2016_angThe Intercontinental RIPESS network is responsible for the coordination of a working group in September at the GSEF2016 Forum that will focus on fostering synergies between organizations / networks that are working on supporting SSE. Many different organizations are now working on different aspects of SSE, and it seems important to join forces and ensure a stronger impact, by building greater cooperation and synergies between us. It will also contribute to making the important role that SSE plays more visible.

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As a complement and possible starting point for some discussions we also propose to use this opportunity to share or recommend documents you might know or have written on current trends and reflections on cooperation and synergies between actors that support SSE: submit any paper, research, publication, case study, articles, project description, activity report, proposal, etc. of interest.

If you won’t be able to attend to GSEF2016 but want to submit some proposal, document, project idea / reference, or recommend any other organization to be invited – please take the opportunity to do so and send the elements to the following address: – we will ensure to transmit them.

Note that if you are already registered to GSEF2016, registrations to workshops & Working Groups will be open around the 15th of August.