In order to speed up the development of a truly inclusive African dynamic based on the exchange of practice, both South/South and North/South, as we as to enhance the strategic positioning of RAESS in terms of human development, the network recently recruited Mamadou Seydou Diallo. He is a specialist in local development issues, as well as in matters of socio-economic and professional inclusion of both youth and women, protection of children and childrens’ rights. He will take up the post of coordination and permanent secretary for RAESS.

Mr. Diallo has been working to promote SSE for over 25 years, and has specifically worked on various partnerships with organisations in the field of international solidarity, such as Frères des Hommes, Terres des Hommes, Mesenproders, CECI.

His briefs will cover the following broad areas:

  1. Support the Board in implementing strategic decisions and implementing the 2-year RAESS roadmap
  2. Organisational and institutional support to members (existing national networks, national focal points, new SSE dynamics)
  3. Public meetings and communication:
  • with RIPESS
  • with institutional, technical and financial partners
  • website, magazine and social media moderation and content

4. Mobilisation of resources

He is personally and professionally motivated to support our networks. We therefore call upon all our partners to make contact with Mr. Diallo when they need him. We sincerely hope everyone will cooperate with our new permanent secretary in implanting the RAESS’ actions.


Madani Koumaré – President of RAESS