When: Wednesday June 17th, 3pm CET (check your timezone)
Language: English/French (written translation will be available in the two languages)
Facilitator: Judith Hitchman, Urgenci International and RIPESS
Speakers: Vic Van Vuuren (Director. Entreprise Department, ILO); Laurence Kwark (Secretary General, GSEF); Madani Coumare (President, RAESS – RIPESS Africa; RIPESS Intercontinental).

This webinar is part of a series of webinars hosted by RIPESS Intercontinental that aim to promote the solutions SSE brings to the global challenges we are currently facing. This series is part of an open process of debate, called RIPESS SSE 2020 Global Vision, where we are gathering many diverse SSE voices and perspectives, as well as those from other allied movements and institutions with whom we work around the world. Thus far, we have organized a first series of four webinars that focused on the Covid-19 crisis in the various regions of the world, and the response that SSE is building to face the many socio-economical challenges.

We now want to continue these discussions and launch the debate on the co-construction of Public Policies for SSE. We are promoting this from the perspective of SSE actors, and particularly want to underline the importance of advocacy from local to global levels.

This is why we find it important and interesting that, in addition to one of our RIPESS SSE continental members, both GSEF, our direct more “sectorial” member on that topic, and the UNTFSSE, our main international advocacy space intervene and share the work we are doing together.

In particular, out of the different interventions, we hope to discuss aspects such as: What are the best SSE practices, from local to global?, In which local, regional, and international spaces are the SSE movements co-constructing with local and national governments? How can this process of co-construction at different levels help the SSE movement to better address the challenges of Covid-19 and beyond? on which Public Policies specifically? What are the next steps we should take/are taking together? How can we learn from each other and co-operate to improve our actions?