RIPESS SSE 2020 Global Vision


After publishing in 2015 the document “Global Vision of the Social Solidarity Economy: Convergences and Contrasts in Concepts, Definitions and Conceptual Frameworks”, RIPESS is preparing the SSE Global Vision 2020. This project proposes an open process of debate with the objective of gathering diverse and different SSE voices around the world in an effort to include different SSE perspective and visions.

This global vision contains the visions and conceptions of the SSE of the entire Intercontinental Network following a process that allowed for progress towards greater convergence between the members and taking into account the different perspectives due to the cultural, historical and linguistic diversity and the very evolution of the actors and movements that form the SSE.

This is an opportunity to work together for the year 2020 in order to better explain and position our vision of the SSE from an international and translocal perspective.

The webinars

As part of the project “RIPESS SSE Global Vision 2020”, RIPESS Intercontinental is launching a series of webinars to promote how SSE brings solutions to the global challenges we are facing

Through discussing topics such as SSE & co-construction of Public Policies, Youth, or Sustainable Food, how SSE can be a sustainable option for Youth, amongst others, these webinars are part of the update of the RIPESS SSE Global Vision for 2020 among our continental and sectorial members. All webinars will be online and open to ensure the process is collaborative and reflects diverse social and cultural visions, and realities of convergence.

We also believe this vision should be constructed with other transformative economies movements, and thus we will invite other movements to take part in most of our webinars.

You will find all the information about the next webinars that are planned, including topics to be discussed, speakers and how to register.


Next webinars

“Co-construction of SSE Public Policies from the local to the global”

When: Wednesday June 17th
Language: English/French (written translation in the two languages will be provided)
Facilitator: Judith Hitchman, Urgenci International and RIPESS
Speakers: Vic Van Vuuren (Director. Entreprise Department, ILO); Laurence Kwark (Secretary General, GSEF); Madani Coumare (President, RAESS – RIPESS Africa; RIPESS Intercontinental).


With this webinar, we want to continue the previous discussions, now focused on SSE Public Policies. Therefore, we hope to discuss aspects such as: What are the best SSE practices, from local to global?, In which local, regional, and international spaces are the SSE movements co-constructing with local and national governments? How can this process of co-construction at different levels help the SSE movement to better address the challenges of Covid-19 and beyond? on which Public Policies specifically? What are the next steps we should take/are taking together? How can we learn from each other and co-operate to improve our actions? 


Past webinars

 “Más allá de la emergencia de COVID19: construyendo respuestas colectivas y duraderas a través de la ESS” [Spanish]

When: Thursday May 7th
Language: Spanish
Speakers: Luciane Lucas, RIPESS Europa; Nicolás Cruz, RIPESS LAC
Special Guests: Beatriz Chocori,Salomón Sotelo y Johnny Jiménez, RIPESS LAC

Focused on Latin America and Spain, we have debated how they address COVID-19 crisis, what socio-economical challenges they’re facing and which responses local experiences are building. Watch the entire webinar here.

“Beyond COVID19 emergency: Food sovereignty and the right to food”

When: Thursday April 30th
Language: English
Speakers: Qiana Mickie, Just Food (North America); Judith Hitchman, Urgenci International and RIPESS
Special guest: Marcus Hill, RIPESS US Sen (North America).

This webinar focused the discussion on how the present crisis is affecting the right to food and food security from both producers and consumers points of view. But it also explored how the existing social solidarity economy can provide an important part of the answer. Watch the entire webinar here.

“Au-delà de l’urgence COVID19 : construire des réponses collectives et durables à travers l’ESS” [French].

When: Tuesday April 21th.
Language: French.
Speakers: Béatrice Alain, RIPESS NA Québec; Madani Coumare, RAESS Africa
Special guest: Elise Pierrette Memong, RAESS Africa

Focused on Africa and Quebec, we discussed how they address COVID-19 crisis, what socio-economical challenges they’re facing and which responses local experiences are building. Whatch the webinar here.

Beyond COVID19 emergency: building collective and lasting responses through SSE” [English]

When: Friday April 17th, 12pm CET
Language: English
Speakers: Denison Jayasooria, ASEC, Asia; Jason Nardi, RIPESS, Europe
Special guest: Eri Trinurini, ASEC, Asia

Focused on Asia and Europe, we discussed how they address COVID-19 crisis, what socio-economical challenges they’re facing and which responses local experiences are building. Watch the webinar here.