Announcement PSEF2015

The Philippine Solidarity Economy Forum (PSEF) 2015 will be held on November 4 & 5, 2015 at the College of Social Work & Community Development Conference Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon city. Partner organizations of ASEC-Philippines from neighboring ASEC members countries are expected to attend the event for knowledge and experience sharing on SSE.

PSEF 2015 will feature four models of social solidarity economy (SSE) supply chains in the Philippines that have been developed and/or supported by partner organizations of the Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC)-Philippines. The SSE models will be scrutinized to enable participants to have a deeper understanding of SSE supply chain, and to appreciate the importance of South-South & Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) in strengthening SSE supply chains in Asia.

PSEF 2015 will also launch the following actions to promote SSTC among SSE stakeholders in ASEAN members countries. 1) SSE Charter, to be promoted in 2016 initially in ASEAN member countries, and 2) ASEC SSE course, to be offered in 2016 with the aim of increasing understanding of SSE supply chains by SSE leaders and managers and equipping them to advance SSE as a vehicle for sustainable development in their respective countries.

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