By David Ingles

Mr. Daniel Tygel (operations manager of RIPESS) gave the over-all achievements made by RIPESS for the years 2011- 2013. He first highlighted the visibility and recognition of RIPESS in the global arena. He presented the RIPESS renewed Integrated Communication System – how it has used the social media and participation in international meetings to pursue its agenda globally. He narrated how the social solidarity economy was brought up in an United Nations Meeting and made special mention of  the United  Nations creation of a task force on the social solidarity economy promotion and study. His presentation is available at:

The following resource people presented then an overview of SSE in their continents:

  1. Africa  –  Abdeljalil Cherkaoui
  2. Asia     –  Benjamin Quinones, Jr., ASEC/RIPESS-Asia
  3. Europe – Jason Nardi
  4. Latin America and the Caribbean – Luis Eduardo Salcedo
  5. North America – Emily Kawano
  6. Oceania – David Thompson

Diversity is the best description of the varying initiatives by the continents to Social Solidarity Economy movement building.

The speakers discussed the history and social contexts of how Social Solidarity Economy started in their continents. They further narrated  how they defined their problems and identified specific challenges and how they formulated the vision and strategy – while adapting to changes in time and context. They likewise sought out the critical elements that unified the group  for collective action.