Latin America and the Caribbean – RIPESS LAC

Latin America and the Caribbean – RIPESS LAC

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Who we are

RIPESS LAC is a continental network that brings together various community-based, associative, co-operative and mutual organisations as well as citizens’ movements that work towards the implementation of solidarity economy in Latin America. We contribute the production and sharing of resources and knowledge that creates the basis of an alternative movement to the current capitalist system.

Member countries
Member organizations
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Ripess América Latina y Caribe

Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Brazil

  • GRESP (Grupo Red de Economía Solidaria del Perú)
  • MESSE (Movimiento de Economía Social Solidaria del Ecuador)
  • RET (Red de Economías Territoriales Wallmapu de Chile)
  • MNESC (Mesa Nacional de Economía Solidaria de Colombia)
  • REDESOL (Red de Organizaciones de Economía Solidaria de República Dominicana)
  • Foro Brasileño de Economía Solidaria (FBES)
  • Movimiento de Economía Solidaria y Comercio Justo de Bolivia (MESyCEJB)
  • Red de Economía Social Solidaria (RedESS) de Costa Rica
  • Red Peruana de Comercio Justo y Consumo Ético (RPCJyCE)
  • Centro de Investigación Económica Mundial (CIEM) de Cuba
  • Coordinadora de Economía Solidaria y Comercio Justo (CESCJ) de Uruguay
  • Red Mexicana de Comercio Comunitario (REMECC)
  • Confederación AGROSOLIDARIA de Colombia
  • PECOSOL de Guatemala
  • Instituto de Economía Social y Cooperativismo (INDESCO) Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
  • Red Nacional de Investigadores y Educadores en Cooperativismo y Economía Solidaria (REDCOOP) de México
  • Red Nicaragüense de Comercio Comunitario (RENICC)
  • Red ECOSOL México
  • Red Cubana de Economía Social y Solidaria y Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (ESORSE)
  • Comunidad Nacional de Circuitos Económicos Solidarios (CONACES)
  • Red Nacional de Investigadores y Educadores en Cooperativismo y Economía Solidaria (REDCOOP) de México
  • Instituto de Cooperativismo de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Red de Economía Social Solidaria del municipio de Mecapaca RESS-Mecapaca
  • Foro de Economías Transformadoras y Alternativas de Colombia FSMET

News from Latin Amercia and the Caribbean—


In view of the growing concern about the situation in the country, RIPESS echoes a statement that PECOSOL, a partner of RIPESS LAC, has written to denounce the problems suffered by citizens. RIPESS supports and signs it. Below: COMUNICADO GUATE enDescarga

RIPESS LAC participates in the XVI International Solidarity Economy Encounter in Colombia

By: Lucero Adriana Blanco Zambrano, co-coordinator of RIPESS LAC 2023- 2025 With the slogan: "Associativity for the construction of territorial peace", the XVI International Encounter of Solidarity Economy took place last 27th, 28th and 29th of July in the Colombian city of Neiva, which simultaneously articulated the first meeting of the National Assembly of Solidarity, Popular and Community Economy. RIPESS [...]

Ecosol workshop: SSE, an alternative development model for access to decent work and social protection.

Social protection is the coverage of a range of human rights such as health, education, care, housing or the possibility to prosper. According to the ILO, it is a right of all human beings that guarantees health care and a minimum income for all. It also provides the means of subsistence in the event of illness, unemployment, injury, pregnancy or [...]

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