In 2019, INAISE joined RIPESS Intercontinental as a full international member. The collaboration with this global network dedicated to social and solidarity finance is very good news for all and is in line with RIPESS’ objective to integrate the different international SSE actors.

INAISE is the global network dedicated to social and solidarity finance. It brings together pioneering and historical players in the sector and all stakeholders who are in accordance with its Charter and who support sustainable development, the Social Solidarity Economy and rural development. These actors are rich in geographical diversity and constitute a wide range of types of organizations.

Since all INAISE members are involved in the Social Solidarity Economy, an official collaboration, by becoming a member of RIPESS, is beneficial for all. As Pauline Boinot, INAISE coordinator, said: “By becoming a member of RIPESS, we wish to encourage social and solidarity finance actors to join a broader network in the social economy in order to consolidate, gather and share their knowledge”.

From his side, Jason Nardi, Coordinator of RIPESS Intercontinental, expressed the importance that this collaboration means for RIPESS. “By becoming a member of the network, INAISE not only helps RIPESS to strengthen its international presence in the field of social solidarity finance, but also stimulates the debate within the network on this key theme for SSE,” explained Nardi.

With this new incorporation, RIPESS Intercontinental has now 9 members. Six continental members (RAESS – Ripess Africa; RIPESS LAC – Latin America and the Caribbean; RIPESS NA – North America; ASEC – Asia; RIPESS EU – Europe; RIPESS Oceania) and three international organizations (Urgenci, GSEF and INAISE).

For more information on INAISE you can visit their website, their Facebook page or contact them by email.