sdg-training-01-logoThe Regional Knowledge Exchange took place from 24-25 October 2016, in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of a week-long Regional SDG Forum hosted by UNDP, taking place from 21-27 October. During the Knowledge Exchange, participants considered: integrating the 2030 Agenda into planning and budgeting; supporting integrated approaches and identifying accelerator interventions; monitoring, reporting and evaluation; partnerships; financing options for the 2030 Agenda; and the way forward, among other topics.

Part of this week on the 26th and 27th a Regional Training Workshop on Developing National Evaluation Capacities to support the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda was held at Bangkok.



Dr Denison Jayasooria, from Malaysia, member of ASEC / RIPESS Asia, was one of the few from asia pacific region. He is the co-chair of the Malaysia CSO-SDG Alliance, being an informal grouping of CSOs in development, human rights, environment and think tanks, that have come together since Oct 2015 to focus our joint effort on SDGs. This alliance is undertaking a mapping of what CSO are doing based on SDG goals and targets. Malaysia will be hosting the National SDG Roadmap Workshop on november 15 and 16 organised by the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department & the UN Country Team in Malaysia

Read the Case Study presented by Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria