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“The SSE with a gender perspective is an alternative for change for our community, because it is centered on the defense of life” Interview with Graciela Quintero

Interview with Graciela Quintero Medina, a Colombian activist, member of the Mesa Hunzaua, a collective that brings together some 20 local associations in Bogota.


How was your vocation to help others […]

“Women’s cooperatives are a privileged place of expression and empowerment” Interview with Sabine Martel

Interview with Sabine Martel, gender equality consultant for SSE associations and companies in PACA region (France), member of Osez le Féminisme 84 and expert on women’s cooperatives.


Hello Sabine, how was your […]

Convergence of transformative economies in Ecuador: “Weaving an economy for the sustainability of life”

In the global framework of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies, WSFTE, the Meeting of Transformative Economies, organized in Ecuador, is being held from November 5 to December 17, […]

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Project to strenghten SSE networks in Latin America to increase the capacity for advocacy and co-construction of public policies

Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is an approach to economic activity that places people, the environment and sustainable development above other interests. It is a holistic way of life that […]

Promotion of SSE for a sustainable post-COVID19 recovery

RIPESS and the Catalan Cooperation Agency (ACCD) initiate a collaboration for the promotion of the ESS as a key strategy in sustainable development in a post-Covid19 context.

The project, funded […]

Participation of RIPESS’ members at the WSF of Transformative Economies

RIPESS Intercontinental and its members from different continents will be at the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE), organizing different continental and intercontinental virtual activities. The meetings are held […]

Interview with Helena Almirati: “This law will lead the way if we continue to work day by day so that each chapter doesn’t stand alone”

On December 10, 2019, the Uruguayan House of Representatives approved the Social Solidarity Economy Law in Uruguay, a more than important step in a long road. We spoke with Helena […]

RIPESS contributes to GSEF’s policy dialogues in Europe and Latin America

The GSEF Regional Policy Dialogues are organized to promote the exchange of knowledge between policy-makers and key SSE actors. RIPESS has participated in both dialogues with the objective of contributing […]

Progresses and limitations in solidarity economy’s legal recognition in Latin America

On December 3rd and 4th, RIPESS LAC organized the international seminar “Convergence to develop Public Policies Favorable to the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Social Protection Systems in Latin America […]

Facing repression and rights cuts in the world, the SSE stands in solidarity with the people for a fairer, solidarity and sustainable world

Rojiva, Ecuador, Chile and Catalunya are all places that are witnessing the protests of wider social movements. Global SSE movement has expressed its solidarity with the people who are fighting […]

The Social Solidarity Economy and Fair Trade: democratizing economic relations through solidarity and sustainability

From September 16th to 18th, the city of Lima hosted the 15th International Fair Trade Summit, organized by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). RIPESS and WFTO organised a workshop on […]

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II International Congress on Cooperativism and Solidarity Economy, August 28th – 29th, Mexico City (Mexico)

From August 28th to 29th, don’t miss this important congress on #SSE in Latin America that will take place in Mexico City.

Through conferences, working groups and a cooperative exhibition, the […]

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