Next September 14th, our member ASEC / RIPESS Asia will host the panel discussion “Utilizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to foster a community-based approach for enterprises at the local level” during the ASEAN Sustainability Forum (ASF) 2019 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

The session will intend to explore how the #SDGs can be utilized to connect these enterprises together in sharing and exploring practices and solutions that are socially responsible and mutually beneficial to communities at the local level. The panel will be moderated by Dr Denison Jayasooria and will have the participation of Dr. Benjamin Quiñones, Dr. Eri Trinurini or Ms. Poonsap Tulaphan, amongst others.

The ASEAN Sustainability Forum is part of the ASEAN Lifestyle Week 2019 and is organized by ISIS Malaysia and Penyayang. Focused on “Business Practices and Opportunities in the Age of Sustainable Development Goals”, ASF will demonstrate how businesses in Southeast Asia have responded to the SDGs by embedding the principles and goals of the SDGs into their businesses as well as utilizing the SDGs to foster a community approach in enterprises such as the social solidarity economy (#SSE).

You can download the full program here.