At a first meeting, on 19 January 2017, CECIRENAPESSORFED and Quartiers du Monde shared their actions, programs and agendas with the aim of identifying how to collaborate together. By taking advantage of the respective strengths and supporting the ESS from a gender perspective, they will jointly reflect on a common program to formalize a framework of actions to reinforce the annual report regarding the ESS National policy.

In addition, they will carry out a first common action through an SSE training with a gender perspectivein April in Bamako, reserved for the ORFED technical team, RENAPESS and CECI partners as well as representatives of the GRAINES team. The trainers will be Ethel cote and Ada Bazan, both members of the RIPESS working group on Women & ESS. During this mission, the collective entrepreneurship development tools with a gender perspective, tested for several years, will be used to support a viable entrepreneurial development.