More than 300 people from 46 different countries will meet from 5th to 7th April at the University of Barcelona, in the first international preparatory meeting for the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies 2020 (WSFTE 2020). It will be a working meeting with organizations linked to transforming economies, networks and movements at local and international level.

The aim will be to get to know the different actors, establish the challenges to be discussed, and the process towards the WSFTE 2020. It is also intended to agree the work plans, the governance model and validate the next steps to follow.

The meeting will be the first step in the process of confluence between movements and actions that transform the economy. The next milestone in this process will be the WSFTE of 2020, to then continue with a common global agenda that collects the shared challenges and how to face them from the transforming economies.

RIPESS, as one of the three driving networks of the WSFTE 2020 welcomes all SSE people and organisations to Barcelona and we wish you a very productive meeting!

For all the information about the WSFTE 2020 and the process that starts today, you can visit the Forum website

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“The WSFTE 2020 aims to create an open space of dialogue and construction between those who practice another economy”

Interview with Jason Nardi, RIPESS Intercontinental Coordinator, about the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies (WSFTE) that starts this week in Barcelona.

Join in the Transformative Economies WSF 2020

In this article about the 2020 World Social Forum of Transformative Economies, you will find information about the different ways of participating, on how to get involved in the trans-local convergence process, how to make your voice heard from all around the world, and finally discover the next steps.

“Transformative economies”: what do the documents of tell us?

What do we mean by “transformative economies”? If we want to answer from the SSE, a quick look at is in order. A simple search in the search engine indicates that we can find about 700 documents that use the word “transformation” in different languages.