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Judith Hitchman and Jason Nardi, RIPESS Europe, receiving the prize on behalf of RIPESS


On the 29th of November 2014, during the closing ceremony of the International Congress for Social and Solidarity Economy organised by REAS (the Spanish Network of Solidarity and Alternative Economy), in the Civic Center of Almozara in Zaragoza, 5 prizes were awarded for to some of the most successful initiatives for the construction and promotion of Solidarity economy practices and networking.

The categories of the prizes went from “Political impact” (won by the Catalan Solidarity Economy Fair), to “Democracy and economic intercooperation” (won by Fiare Banca Etica), to “Economic Gender equality” (won by the women’s cooperative Desmontando a la Pili), to the “Public’s award” (won by Som Energia and Goiener Energía) and finally the “International award”, won by RIPESS International.

The prize was motivated by the RIPESS’ Campaign on the United Nations and in particular on the Millenium Development Goals, for its results in “obtaining the support of more than 500 organisations from 65 countries worldwide, to have Social Solidarity Economy considered by the UN as a fundamental movement for a real paradigm shift in the development model” and for “the realisation of a participated campaign to present a proposal for the new post-2015 Millennium goals, denouncing the neoliberal economic model which has been dominating the last decades”.

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