SSE Promotion

Strengthen SSE solutions and Advocate for a more transformative impact

The challenge we are now facing is not how to build back pre-Covid socioeconomic structures, but rather how to build an alternative model of development, driven by the needs of all peoples and communities around the world, and the protection of our planet.

This is the reason why we must develop and strengthen SSE ecosystems at all levels, building on what already exists.

How SSE initiatives contribute to achieving the SDGs in the post-Covid context

Social and Solidarity Economy is the way to overcome inequalities through the COVID-19 recovery

SSE as an alternative model of development according to the UN

RAESS organises a workshop on post-Covid resilience.

SDGs Agenda 2030

RIPESS calls for the need to include SSE in international strategies for the realisation of the SGDs in the  2020 HLPF

Strenghtening of SSE networks for realisation of SDGs in a post-Covid19 context

RIPESS at the International conference launched by UNTFSSE on the role of SSE in the implementation of the SDGs

Finding local solutions in localising SDGs

For RIPESS, the location of SDG by the SSE is fundamental


RIPESS involvement in the 4th LED World Forum: contribution of the SSE to Local Development and SDGs

An International Knowledge Hub On SSE And The SDG’s Under Preparation, Un Task Force SSE

The SDGs and the United Nations High Level Political Forum: how to improve the impact of SSE within the UN process