The ILO commits to promoting the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and cooperatives in its Declaration “The Future of Work”

On June 21th, the International Labour Organization (ILO)  adopted the “ILO Centenary Declaration of the Future of Work 2019” during its 108th International Labour Conference. This declaration will mark a milestone since  it includes a clear commitment to promote Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and cooperatives.


2d European Meeting of Independant Medias and SSE

During the 1st meeting at the UniverSSE Congress in June 2017 in Athens, RIPESS Europe requested the second European meeting “Independent, Alternative and Cooperative Media and SSE” in Villarceaux (near Paris) of several independent media (print and electronic) from several European countries – (see list here). The intention of this meeting was to reflect on …


Five-part webinar series on solidarity and cooperative economics

The Asian American Solidarity Economies Project presents a five-part webinar series in 2018 on solidarity and cooperative economics targeted to the assets and needs of Asian American immigrant and refugee communities. You can access the contents of the latest webinars while we warmly invite you to join and share the coming ones. March 19th 2018 …


From Salvador to Barcelona 2019 : another economy is paving the way

At the World Social Forum in Salvador de Bahia, the global thematic forum on transforming economies (Barcelona – April 2019) was presented. From the 12th to the 17th of March the thirteenth edition of the World Social Forum was held in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, with the slogan “resist is to create, resist is to transform“. In …


RIPESS at the WSF2018: Promoting the Convergence of Social and Solidarity Economy Movements

The World Social Forum 2018, will be held from March 13 to 17, 2018, in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, where several members of RIPESS LAC will be attending, as well as members from RIPESS Europe and XES, who will be presenting the Thematic Social Forum on Economies of Change, which is planned to be held …

Yvon Poirier

RIPESS involvement in the 4th LED World Forum: contribution of the SSE to Local Development and SDGs

The 4th Global Meeting on Local Economic Development (LED) was held in Praia, Cabo Verde, from 17 to 20 October 2017. The theme of this year’s meeting is: Local Economic Development as a comprehensive framework to localize the Sustainable Development Goals: addressing rising inequalities. The theme of the event is totally aligned with a recent …