For A Visual Cartography Of SSE Public Policies And Territories – Ripess Europe Wants To Promote The Mapping Initiative Globaly

The role of Public Policies for Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) suffers a visibility challenge. However these policies can be crucial to bring out collective initiatives involving citizens. We wish to enhance Public Policies for the ESS through case studies and a mapping compilation, to resume the policies that contribute to create territorial ecosystems in …


Public Spaces and Right to the City: Barcelona paves the way towards Habitat III

RIPESS/Urgenci participation in the Right to the City Platform meeting and Habitat lll Consultation on Public Spaces in Barcelona 2-5th April 2016 At the Mexico City Habitat lll meeting, a session was dedicated to Social and Solidarity Economy in which RIPESS participated. This also helped us to move forward in various discussions. RIPESS, as a …


EFSSE: European Forum on SSE (Brussels, January 28 – 2016)

In May 2015, the European United Left / Nordic Confederation Group (GUE / NGL) decided to turn its traditional support to the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) into one of its main strategic processes for this legislature (2014-2019).Therefore, the European parliamentary group has set as one of its main goals for 2016 the organisation of the first European Forum of …