Launching the preparation of the World Social Forum of Convergence of Transformative Economies, Barcelona 2019 & 2020.

The Other World already exists. It is time to join forces and build an Inclusive World Agenda!   As announced in the World Social Forum of Salvador de Bahia (read March 2018 article), we have committed to starting a process of convergence, between all initiatives, movements and ways of understanding the economy that share the …


Good economy conference hosting the RIPESS Europe General Assembly

On the 15th of June 2018, the 5th Good Economy Conference will take place, followed by the 7th General Assembly of RIPESS Europe (April 16-17). Organized by the Green Network of Activists Groups and the Platform for Good Economy, these two meetings are taking place in Zagreb, Croatia.  You’re all invited to participate! The Good Economy Conference became …


Strengthening the SSE Networks and converging Movements: the Orientation of the New RIPESS Coordinator

RIPESS is continuing to building alliances between alter-economic movements, and has appointing Jason Nardi of RIPESS Europe as its new coordinator.

 Jason has a long-standing commitment to the emergence of the Social Solidarity Economy and RIPESS. He is a co-founder of Solidarius in Italy, an organization that supports the development of networks of solidarity economy …


2d European Meeting of Independant Medias and SSE

During the 1st meeting at the UniverSSE Congress in June 2017 in Athens, RIPESS Europe requested the second European meeting “Independent, Alternative and Cooperative Media and SSE” in Villarceaux (near Paris) of several independent media (print and electronic) from several European countries – (see list here). The intention of this meeting was to reflect on …


From Salvador to Barcelona 2019 : another economy is paving the way

At the World Social Forum in Salvador de Bahia, the global thematic forum on transforming economies (Barcelona – April 2019) was presented. From the 12th to the 17th of March the thirteenth edition of the World Social Forum was held in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, with the slogan “resist is to create, resist is to transform“. In …


Raising the voice of SSE in Public Policies at the GSEF Policy Dialogues in Asia and Europe

Since 2013 GSEF, as a regional platform for promoting the co-construction of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) public policies, has been hosting annual Policy Dialogue meetings. In 2017, RIPESS was present at both the Asian and European gatherings. The fourth GSEF Asian Policy dialogue took place in Seoul in June 30 – July 31 2017. …