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Towards the strengthening of SSE ecosystems at all levels: Co-construction of public policies for the promotion of SSE, and advocacy strategies and tools from local to global.

On Tuesday 14th of December, RIPESS members and other SSE actors from around the world got together to exchange on advocacy strategies and collaboration with local, national and international policymakers for co-constructing public policies to strengthen SSE ecosystems around the world. The Director of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, Carme Gual, together with Shigeru …


RIPESS International advocacy work for the promotion of SSE

As a global network covering all continents, RIPESS is uniquely placed to undertake advocacy at different levels from local communities to international institutions, to ensure the promotion of SSE for sustainable, inclusive and transformative development from local to global levels. Together with our members and international partners, we are working to raise the voice of …


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Article by Françoise Wautiez Public Policies in the field of SSE touch different areas: on the one hand, legal recognition is a sine qua non condition for actors to be able to act at different levels by relying on competent institutions and their elected representatives. The territorial aspect is intrinsically linked to the heart of …


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Meet Laure Jongeans, RIPESS Intercontinental Executive Secretary

Meet Laure Jongeans, RIPESS Intercontinental Executive Secretary In this video, she explains the key role RIPESS Intercontinental plays as the representation of different continents’ networks members which allows them to bring their already diverse voices to the table. We have a role regarding international advocacy and fostering exchanges and cooperation between continents so they share experiences and knowledge.