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The C.I.T.I.E.S project in preparation


The World Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy, GSEF2016, took place in Montreal last September (2016) under the following slogan “Local Governments and actors of the Social Economy. Allied for the development of smart and sustainable cities“. The GSEF concluded with a Declaration, and also with the announcement of the creation of the CITIES project,… Read more »

The link between the SSE and the Sustainable development Goals – Latin America


  As part of the 2030 Agenda implementation, and taking into account that the basis for achieving all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires to switch the current economic model, RIPESS-LAC highlights the direct link between these objectives and the social and solidarity economy (SSE). The SSE is part of the response that is currently… Read more »

Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Social Solidarity Economy – Latin America


  In Latin and Central America there is a tradition of collective and community-based economies that come from ancient cultures, which RIPESS-LAC and its member organizations have recovered and promoted among others through campaigns, promoting public policies that contribute to development, respond to needs, build capacity and develop a new economy. It is in this… Read more »

An example of a national multi stakeholder approach for implementing the SDGs, including SSE – case of Malaysia


  Dr Denison Jayasooria, from Malaysia, member of ASEC / RIPESS Asia is the co-chair of the Malaysia CSO-SDG Alliance, being an informal grouping of CSOs in development, human rights, environment and think tanks – including Social & Solidarity Economy organizations. This group has come together since Oct 2015 to focus joint effort on SDGs…. Read more »

The ambitious journey of ASEC to spread SSE in Asia


On November 21-23, 2016, over thirty participants from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines gathered at the University of the Philippines-College of Social Welfare and Development to discuss the plans to promote SSE in Asia. Participants shared their diverse insights on the situation in their country or field of activities and recognized at least… Read more »



  By invitation of the resident representative of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Cameroon, RESSCAM participated in the Central Africa Conference on Youth Employment in Africa. This conference was held on Tuesday, February 07, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Yaoundé. It aimed at informing the public on the Youth Employment Strategy in Africa… Read more »

The Women’s March on Washington and the Coming of Age of Feminism


  By Julie Matthaei, Wellesley College. First published on and Revised for RIPESS. For those who believe in equality and solidarity, and faced the outrage of Trump’s presidency, it was heartening to witness the Women’s March on Washington. The March represented a massive mobilization against Trump’s hate-mongering inequality agenda, and an important step forward in the… Read more »

Be part of the Universse 2017: Call for ideas for the 4th European Congress in Athens


Be part of the Universse 2017 Democratising Economy, Emancipating Society, Empowering Change The 4th European Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) Congress will take place in Athens on the 9/10/11th of June. Cooperatives, grassroots initiatives, SSE organisations, groups and people that work to promote and advance SSE from all over Europe will meet for the event. During the 3day… Read more »