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RAESS, moving forward on the Social Solidarity Economy pathway in Cameroon

Last August, a configuration session was held between RESSCAM (ESS Cameroon), member of the African Network of the Social Solidarity Economy (RAESS) and the Municipal Council of the commune of Galim. In the department of Bamboutos, in the Western region of Cameroon, in the presence of the mayor himself, Mr. TSHOUONGANG Elie Saker. In Cameroon, …


Gathering in Latin America: SSE, an ever closer reality here and in the world.

On 22, 23 and 24 November, the #encuentroRIPESSLAC22 “La #EconomíaSolidaria y el #BuenVivir” will be held in #Quito, Ecuador, the centre of the world. This event, organised with a lot of love and effort by RIPESS LAC colleagues, will provide spaces to recognise each other. We will be able to debate, exchange, enjoy, share and …


Creating Convergence Spaces for SSE Community Builders Asian Solidarity Economy Forum

The Asian Solidarity Economy Forum (ASEF) which began in 2007, aims to provide a platform for organizations and enterprises in Asia to share their social solidarity economy (SSE) initiatives that prioritize people and planet over profit. SSE is a viable pathway to sustainable development, particularly in the rebuilding of economies in the context, and the …


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Meet Laure Jongeans, RIPESS Intercontinental Executive Secretary

Meet Laure Jongeans, RIPESS Intercontinental Executive Secretary In this video, she explains the key role RIPESS Intercontinental plays as the representation of different continents’ networks members which allows them to bring their already diverse voices to the table. We have a role regarding international advocacy and fostering exchanges and cooperation between continents so they share experiences and knowledge.