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The 110th International Labour Conference comes to an end with the SSE in the spotlight

RIPESS Intercontinental attended the 110th International Labour Conference as an observer for the last two weeks, having been the organisation that officially introduced the SSE at the ILO in 2009. RIPESS welcomed the choice of the Governing body the International Labour Office, to hold the General Discussion on the topics of SSE and Decent Work …


RIPESS is looking for allies of the social solidarity economy

For an alternative in a post covid present and future At RIPESS Intercontinental we believe that collective intelligence is one of the solutions to face the economic, social and environmental challenges and crises we are currently experiencing. Through an approach based on human rights and transparency, always together with the participation of civil society and …


SSE further confirmed as a strategy to achieve the 2030 SDGs

The Project “Advocacy for the promotion of SSE as a strategy to achieve Sustainable Development (SDGs) in the post-COVID-19 context (ACCD-RIPESS)” has helped to revive the hope of social solidarity economy enterprises. COVID-19 has had devastating effects on SSE actors in Africa. This is the case for RAESS members, the vast majority of whom have …


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Meet Laure Jongeans, RIPESS Intercontinental Executive Secretary

Meet Laure Jongeans, RIPESS Intercontinental Executive Secretary In this video, she explains the key role RIPESS Intercontinental plays as the representation of different continents’ networks members which allows them to bring their already diverse voices to the table. We have a role regarding international advocacy and fostering exchanges and cooperation between continents so they share experiences and knowledge.