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Plant Breeders Release First ‘Open Source Seeds’


Source: Backers of the new Open Source Seed Initiative will pass out 29 new varieties of 14 different crops, including broccoli, carrots and kale, on Thursday. J. Scott Applewhite/AP A group of scientists and food activists is launching a campaign Thursday to change the rules that govern seeds. They’re releasing 29 new varieties of… Read more »

SENS – Newsletter N°1

17/04/2014 - Source: INAISE

SENS – Newsletter N°1 / Présentation de SENS (Solidarités Entreprises Nord-Sud) Language Undefined Tags:  INAISE NEWS member SENS Solidarites Entreprises Nord-Sud entreprises solidaires France Bénin

UNRISD Collaborates with UNITAR to Brief UN Delegates in New York and Geneva

16/04/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

UNRISD is briefing delegates from UN Member States on social inclusion and the post-2015 development agenda at an Orientation Briefing organized in New York by UNITAR on 16-17 April 2014. UNRISD Director Sarah Cook prepared a short video for the Briefing, using lessons learned from UNRISD research to set the stage for the two days… Read more »

Insights and Input: New Directions in Social Policy Project Kick-Off Workshop and Panel Discussion

16/04/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

UNRISD last week successfully launched its newest research project New Directions in Social Policy with two well-attended events: an inception workshop and a public panel discussion.

New CED Certificate Program for Local Government Professionals

16/04/2014 - Source: What’s New in CED

Dalhousie University, through its Local Government Program, has created a new certificate program in Community Economic Development (CED). Theme:  Practitioner Strengthening

How China Counters ‘The Falling Rate of Profit’ and Other Problems Endemic to Capitalism

15/04/2014 - Source:

China and the Crisis of Crisis Theory By Heiko Khoo via April 14, 2014 – The recent BBC documentary called "How China Fooled the World" presented by Robert Preston claims that China’s economy is about to collapse. The program starts well: correctly showing that China’s state-owned enterprises dominate the economy and shape its… Read more »

UK Introduces 30% Tax Credit for Social Investment

15/04/2014 - Source: What’s New in CED

In last month’s budget, the United Kingdom announced a 30% tax relief-rate for social investment. Theme:  National Policy Work

Community hydro scheme is Charity Bank’s first borrower post Big Society Capital investment

15/04/2014 - Source: INAISE

Whalley Community Hydro – a community renewable energy scheme in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley – is the first organisation to be awarded a loan by Charity Bank following Big Society Capital’s investment in the Bank last month.  Big Society Capital agreed to make its largest ever single investment – up to £14.5m of ordinary shares in… Read more »

Supporting small business in Rio de Janeiro

15/04/2014 - Source: News feed for: Oikocredit International

In what’s commonly known as the "favelas" of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, groups of women come together to design and make handicrafts for a living. Rio de Janeiro’s favelas are built around the edge of the main city and are associated with extreme poverty. The women’s groups are part of Asta, a cooperative which aims… Read more »

Pro-Poor and Pro-Development Transparency Laws and Policies

14/04/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

Access to information laws are not being effectively utilized by the poor—the most technologically marginalized population—to exercise their rights to social protection. Pro-poor access to information legislation is needed and must achieve two goals: (1) macroaccountability and transparency in public spending; and (2) provide information to the poor in a physically, intellectually and socially adequate… Read more »

Protecting the Right of Access to Social Security Benefits

14/04/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

The easiest means of ensuring the right to social security is through universal coverage (and adequate transfer values). If countries are unable to provide universal coverage because of limited resources, there is implicitly a trade-off: Reducing coverage means increasing administrative costs. In addition, when priority is given to cost-saving in both coverage and administration, a… Read more »

A Rejoinder to ‘Pro-Poor and Pro-Development Transparency’

14/04/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

Pro-poor transparency laws and policies must have ending poverty as an underlying objective. This can become possible if social protection and access to information are fully recognized as rights that poor people can invoke to exit poverty. Yet uptake of social protection policy in developing countries has been slow, largely because it has not been… Read more »

Not Your Grandpa’s Solar Cells

14/04/2014 - Source:

How solar cells are taking over sea, sky and space The TURANOR PlanetSolar cruises past Tahiti By Eric Mack via Gizmag Solar technology has evolved beyond just your grandpa’s big, bulky photovoltaic panels on the roof. Advances in flexible, hyper-efficient and nano-scale materials of late has made it possible for solar cells to begin… Read more »

Notes about the Participatory Guarantee System Dialogue, Philipp Weckenbrock (ENG)

14/04/2014 - Source: URGENCI - Resource Center » text in English

The session took place at the Youth Hostel in Leuven with 18 participants from different countries and organisations. 5 different presentations were held.

The Role that Civil Society can Play in Ensuring Accountability in Social Protection Programmes

13/04/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

The experience of the last 20 years suggests there are four obstacles to ensuring accountability in social protection programmes. The first obstacle has to do with social protection’s contested status: is it a right or only a service or a favour? Others concern the the opacity and discretionality of actors implementing social protection programmes and… Read more »