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Collective Declaration of the working group on Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy- Marrakesh 2014


    Collective Declaration of the working group on Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy ; all the Rights and Obligations of Man (SSEE-ROM)/WHRF – Marrakesh 2014 (REMESS/RAESS/RIPESS)       Morocco, World Forum on Human Rights, November 29th, 2014. Read the Declaration in pdf. Invited by the organizers of the World Human Rights Forum in… Read more »

New Studies Demonstrate the Value of New Brunswick Co-operatives and Social Enterprises

4/12/2014 - Source: What’s New in CED

New Brunswick co-operatives generate $1.4 billion in revenues, employ thousands  A new study on co-operatives and social enterprises prepared for the Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick (CECNB), with support from the Department of Post-Secondary Education and Labour, revealed that co-operatives make a significant economic impact in the province.  The findings of this study, conducted… Read more »

‘Solidarity Economy’ Among Structural Reforms Needed for Ferguson and St Louis

27/11/2014 - Source:

What now? Three ways to tackle structural injustice By Clarissa Hayward, Lynn Oldham and Laura Rosenbury St Louis Post-Dispatch Op-Ed Nov 24, 2014 – In the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the single most important question St. Louis faces is: “What now?” How will we respond to this conflict… Read more »

The Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors

26/11/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

 This contribution is published as part of the UNRISD resource platform for practitioners and policy makers Linking Social Protection and Human Rights. This part of the platform is a collection of expert contributions and commentary from advocates, practitioners, policy makers and academics sharing practical guidance and thought-provoking commentary on their experiences with a human rights… Read more »

New Web Platform Promotes CED Initiatives for Responsible Investment

24/11/2014 - Source: What’s New in CED

Launched this fall, Ethiquette is the first independent, bilingual platform intended for individual investors. It offers information on the full spectrum of responsible investment strategies and products available in Canada, including many CED funds and projects. For example, CCEDNet members ACEM, the St. John Community Loan Fund and Manitoba’s Jubilee Fund are cited, among others,… Read more »

Social and Solidarity Economy: A Rising Force?

19/11/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

In this update on the progress being made in putting social and solidarity economy on the UN agenda, UNRISD Research Analyst Marie-Adélaïde Matheï reviews its position in post-2015 debates and UNRISD policy and research activities.   In this update on the progress being made in putting social and solidarity economy on the UN agenda, UNRISD… Read more »

Renewable energy: power to the people


Source: November 3rd, 2014 Chewton’s primary school, student population 40, perches on a hill above the houses of the small central Victorian town, which borders Castlemaine. Before the year is out, its red tin roof will be home to solar panels facing east and west, positioned to best offset its demand. The school is… Read more »

RIPESS signs Global Civil Society letter to UNCTAD on Investment Issues


Delivery date:  16 October, 2014 To: Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Member States of UNCTAD We the undersigned civil society organizations, representing constituencies from various regions of the world, write in concern about the implications of investment protection treaties on the prospects for sustainable development in our… Read more »

What can SSE do for food security and nutrition?


Source: UNTFSSE, October 22th, 2014: The United Nations Task Force on Social Solidarity Economy (TFSSE) held a side event during the Committee on Food Security at the FAO on 17 October. The side event focussed on “Social and Solidarity Economy for Improved Food Security and Nutrition”. Sarah Cook (Director of UNRISD) chaired the session… Read more »

“Social needs, cooperative answers”: a new campaign for the promotion of cooperatives providing community services launched today

6/11/2014 - Source: CICOPA

Cooperatives, as the most important expression of citizens’ needs and aspirations in the form of an enterprise, have appeared naturally to provide adequate solutions to satisfy community needs, such as health, education, housing, environment, social services and labour integration for disadvantaged citizens; all of them worldwide basic needs. Over the last few years, the cooperative… Read more »

Latin American solidarity finance is developping well

4/11/2014 - Source: INAISE

Language English On the 13th of august took place in Bogota/ Colombia an International Seminary “Family agriculture, farmers economy and rural financial systems: Innovations and challenges” that united different representatives of internationa institutions, state officials from different latin american countries, NGOs and especially organisations active in social finance, most of them members of INAISE.  Family… Read more »

Cocovico market hall improves women’s lives in Ivory Coast

4/11/2014 - Source: News feed for: Oikocredit International

By providing a loan, Oikocredit not only contributes to improving the lives of numerous female traders in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), but also making a major contribution to social and economic development in the country. During the 1980s, many women made ends meet by selling vegetables on the streets of Abidjan, the Ivory Coast’s largest… Read more »

The study ‘Cooperatives and Employment: a Global Report’ is available online

31/10/2014 - Source: CICOPA

Download the report here. Presented for the first time at the International Summit of Cooperatives on 7 October and available now in an electronic version, the study “Cooperatives and Employment: a global report” carried out by CICOPA, the International organization of industrial and service cooperatives, discusses the significance of cooperative employment in the global landscape,… Read more »

Influencing Policy for Gender Justice: The Role of International Non-Governmental Organizations

27/10/2014 - Source: UNRISD | News & Views | English

This contribution is published as part of the UNRISD research project “When and Why do States Respond to Women’s Claims? Understanding Gender-Egalitarian Policy Change”. In this project, we seek to understand how policy change to strengthen women’s rights occurs by analysing the conditions under which non-state actors can effectively trigger and influence processes of change…. Read more »

Worker and Social cooperatives at the heart of the 2014 Cooperative Summit

20/10/2014 - Source: CICOPA

20 October 2014 CICOPA was entrusted by the Summit organisers to produce the intersectoral study “Cooperatives and Employment: a global report” presented on October 7th at the session “Job creation and heightened productivity”. The results showed how cooperatives contribute to resilient employment, a sustainable economy and the well-being of people at work, making up almost… Read more »