World Social Forum of Transformative Economies

The World Social Forum on Transforming Economies continues to walk, with challenges more urgent than ever in a world in full reconfiguration. In the framework of the new conditions, the registration of participants, organizations, activities and initiatives has been reopened!

The process of the WSFTE will have two moments in 2020. Between June 25 and July 1, 2020, a virtual meeting space will be activated, with a program that will emphasize the experiences of change, public debate and confluence to strengthen the transformative potential of alternative economies that resist capitalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, racism, and the anthropocentrism of a system that right now shows its most critical facets of attack on life.

Between 23 and 22 October, coinciding with the Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia, and always in the conditions that the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic allows at that time, a face-to-face component will be developed, whose emphasis will be to present the initiatives and good practices that form part of the process of incubation and accompaniment that will begin in June under the postulate “We accept the challenge”.

The structure of the program planned for June is as follows:

– Self-managed activities space: this is where you can register your activities.
– Dynamizing Space WSFTE Process (Thematic and Territorial Confluences), Assembly of Movements, Inter-initiative Space
– Presentation of the call for initiatives “We accept the challenge”, with a view to the October 2020 meeting
– Presentation of the proposal to build a Common Agenda-Pact for Transforming Economies

Call for registration to the WSFTE

We are pleased to announce that the registration for the WSFTE is now reopened: http://JOIN.TRANSFORMADORA.ORG 

Here it will be possible to register both individuals and organizations, as well as the activities and initiatives that will be part of the Forum’s Program. We invite you to read carefully these brief indications before entering the respective forms.

The registration of activities for the June event will be open until June 20th
Registration of initiatives is open during the online event in June and the following months.



The Forum is an opportunity to share successful local and international experiences, create and strengthen alliances focused on alternative economic models and reclaim the world we are jointly creating. The Forum will allow specifying a global agenda with specific agreements to ensure the continuity of the movement beyond the meeting. Strategies will be developed to put people and the environment at the centre of the economy, creating collaborative and resilient societies and moving towards eliminating the economy relying on extraction, competitiveness and the market. However, the importance of the forum lies in the process of confluence between movements around the world already begun.

Thus, in April 2019 a preparatory meeting was held that allowed to begin a confluence process of movements around the world. This work, which will continue after the Forum, will determine a common agenda to transform the economy with concrete proposals and reflections. The event will be organized following different transversal axes: the sustainability of life, the equal distribution of power, public policies and training and research.

RIPESS Intercontinental is one of the driving networks of the WSFTE. For us, the forum is a very important occasion to put in practice network alternatives, business, community and life care, which are the characteristics of the SSE. We believe that this approach to networking and confluence can be transferred to other levels and this is our contribution. Therefore, we encourage all people, projects, entities or confluences that work to transform the economy to participate in the WSFTE 2020!

We explain the WSFTE in more detail.

Some additional resources

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