During the 3rd Globalisation of Solidarity Meeting held in Dakar (November 2005), a first draft of the RIPESS Charter was established. The draft version was then translated and members were asked to comment and improve. Different subsequent versions were established and the final version was adopted by the RIPESS Board of Directors in a meeting held in Montevideo, Uruguay, in October 2008. This document includes the current presentation of values and mission as well as the vision of RIPESS. Please note that this charter was also included in the RIPESS Global Vision of SSE document.


RIPESS Charter

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RIPESS has had five intercontinental meetings: in 1997 in Lima, Peru; in 2001 in Quebec, Canada; in 2005 in Dakar, Senegal; in 2009 in the city of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; and in 2013 in Manila, Philippines.  These meetings bring together representatives from each continents’ networks in plenaries, workshops, and discussions.  At each meeting, participants draft joint declarations. At the Lux ’09 meeting, participants in each thematic strand of workshops also put together summaries and proposals. After the Manilla meeting, three documents consolidated the collective processes begun there.


Ripess Strategic Plan 2021-2023

RIPESS intercontinental network is moving forward.

We have adopted a new, more robust form of international coordination and strategic plan for 2021-2023. This plan takes into account both the context, as well as updated priorities, needs and visions of the different SSE continental and sectorial member networks.

The Strategic Plan represents the symbolic beginning of a new chapter. We believe that we will be able to address the challenges facing our societies today, and we will continue to build sustainable and just solutions for a better tomorrow. Like we have been doing for the past 25 years.


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