The Equity Working Group of the CSIPM, the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism for relations with the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) – is the largest international space of civil society organisations (CSOs) working to eradicate food insecurity and malnutrition. Yesterday, during the last #CFS51 51 plenary of the CFS, in the session on “Addressing Multiple Dimensions of Inequalities: Reducing Inequalities for Food Security and Nutrition”; Judith Hitchman (joint coordinator of RIPESS Intercontinental on behalf of Urgenci International Network ) and Dee Woods (Landworkers’ Alliance), delivered the following statement on policy recommendations after welcoming the  HLPE report which was presented during the session. It urges institutions and governements to take action into implementing SSE UN Declaration’s recommendations in order to the society to stop hunger and famine. Entanglements amongst food sovereignity and SSE are more than clear and it’s an advocacy work that is being done with RIPESS and our members and allies in the world at the heart of it.

You can also READ the statement here.