When: Tuesday April 21th
Language: French
Speakers: Béatrice Alain, RIPESS NA Québec; Madani Koumare, RAESS Africa
Special guest: Elise Pierrette Memong, RAESS Africa


Summary of Madani Koumare’s presentation. RAESS – RIPESS Africa.

Summary of Elise Pierrette Memong’s presentation. RAESS – RIPESS Africa.


Humanity is facing one of the most serious and uncertain crises in recent history. The current globalization of the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed it to spread to all countries. Even remote populations are at risk, as are populations in war zones and those living in cramped conditions with poor hygiene such refugee camps, putting the lives of human beings at risk in an increasingly globalized world.

As expressed in RIPESS’ statement, the challenge we face is how to build an alternative model of development, driven by the needs of all peoples and communities around the world, and the protection of our planet. The window of opportunity is now open to accelerate the process, capitalise on the thousands of ingenious solutions being created within communities and make positive change permanent and global in all its diversity.

This webinar starts the discussion on how we arrived at this point from an SSE perspective. It also highlights concrete SSE solidarity responses that SSE projects are building (both in this emergency situation, and in general as a solution to the global challenges).

The time has come to collectively build a new world, based on social justice, solidarity and equality.

Main topics discussed

  1.  Macro inputs: how have we reached this point? – analysis from SSE perspective
  2. Concrete SSE solidarity responses to the emergency situation and role of SSE networks
  3. SSE and its networks building collective and lasting responses beyond the current emergency