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MapJam 3.0 edition 2016

Shareable, the Sharing Cities Network, our partners — and hopefully you — are hosting the third annual #MapJam starting April 4th through the 17th. We’re excited to bring communities together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons.

Mapping the shared resources in a city not only shows that another world is possible — it shows it’s already here. Maps for sharing resources are a powerful organizing tool. They are a great first step toward creating a sharing city because they make community assets more visible, create a base for further community development, support collaboration, and illuminate openings for new project ideas to fill in the gaps.

Sign up now to host a jam in your community, and you’ll be provided with a comprehensive guide to mapping, support calls, and promotional materials to support the success of your local event.

#MapJam 3.0 will build upon the tremendous success of our past campaigns where hundreds of mappers came together in over 80 cities to create these useful public resources. So far, over 70 maps have been created during our two week sprints in cities as big as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Paris and as small as Asheville, Nijmegen, and Yarra. This year we will continue working with our partners to create a global open source sharing map which will link all of the local maps together!

Interested in organizing a MapJam in your community or attending one? Please sign up here to get involved.

#MapJam’s are easy to organize with our comprehensive toolkit. A small dedicated group of people can get together for a few hours to map the community resources, cooperatives, and sharing services in their city or town. Like a musical jam, it should be fun, social, and jammers should find a groove as they work. Join the Sharing Cities Network facebook group to get the latest updates and meet other “map jammers”… who knew that mapping could be so much fun?

Take action today to put sharing on the map!