The Léman in the translocal perspectives: «Local currency from here and elsewhere»

lemanIf additional local currencies were already circulating in the 1930s in Europe and then in the years 1980-1990 in the Americas, it is undeniable that they are experiencing a renewed interest around the world, both as regards the effervescence of popular support and potentially for technological and economic development.

The Geneva’s currency « The Léman » was born in 2015 in Lake Geneva´s region (around Geneva) and has a lot of features. This is a cross-border currency, based on a living environment rather than administrative boundaries; it aims to combine a wealthy paper currency (80,000 Lémans which today are circulating around 300 professionals) and digital money in a mutual credit system (currently under construction, to make available on a rate 0 based credit for members and relaying on multilateral debt). Read more.

RIPESS is a worldwide network of continental networks promoting the Social Solidarity Economy, in order to transform our economy by putting people and the planet at the center of our activities.

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